Giants, Eagles fans divided in the Garden State ahead of Saturday’s playoff game

Montgomery Township, New Jersey – Saturday’s matchup means that New Jersey is divided, at least for Giants and Eagles fans.

It’s one of the biggest rivalries in sports.

Some say the college town of Princeton, New Jersey, is the dividing line between Giants and Eagles fans.

“You see a lot of Eagles fans, but there are a lot of Giants fans,” said Noel Wescott.

Years of research have shown that there are more Giants fans north of Princeton and more Eagles nation-wide south of Trenton. But there are also east-west fronts that find deep green in counties like Hunterdon.

Giants fan Susie Giarduro said: “It’s been a lifelong rivalry so it’s tough. We have mutual respect for the Eagles fans, but I want to kick my butt off next week.” .

Eagles fan Jeff Greenberg said, “My message to Giants fans is to get ready for their third loss to the Eagles this season.

At Montgomery Township’s Tiger’s Tale bar, CBS2’s Christine Sloan found fans of both the Eagles and Giants peacefully mingling and planning a watch party.

“All the Eagles fans are going to be there. We can’t have Giants fans there. It’s distracting and you have to focus,” Greenberg said.

“I’m an expat from New York City, grew up with the Giants, and am still a Giants fan.

Tarek Imland is an Eagles fan. His friends are all blue. They agree on one thing.

Giants fan Roy Hansen said, “I don’t like each other’s teams unless they play cowboys.

“I don’t like the Dallas Cowboys,” Imland said.

The bartender says it’s fun on game days and he likes to keep Giants and Eagles fans separate.

“Make sure the Giants have nice TVs here and then throw all the Eagles fans in front,” said bartender Dan Schwartz. I know you’re a Giants fan and I like wearing jerseys with the Giants logo.”

He will be there on Saturday, cheering for the Giants and keeping peace between Giants and Eagles fans.

Our Otis Livingston is traveling to Eagle territory for Saturday’s game. You can find his reports on CBS2 News and

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