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Is a gardener on your gift list this holiday season?

The National Initiative for Consumer Gardening offers these ideas.

Decorative pots or containers for outdoor or indoor use are playful and practical gift ideas that come in a variety of styles and price points. A hand-decorated planter is a fun craft project for kids and a cute gift for grandparents. Please check the drain hole before purchase.

Outdoor nature ideas may include birdhouses, bee hotels, butterfly houses, bird baths, and any kind of feeder that attracts wildlife to your outdoor space and improves the environment. Bring excitement to your landscape with garden ornaments. They can add humor, whimsy, or drama to indoor and outdoor gardens.

For the avid gardener, you can’t go wrong with good gloves. The best gloves are lightweight and made from supple leather. Great for protecting your hands from debris, thorns and other abrasives when working in soil or around thorny plants such as roses and junipers.

Any gardener will be happy to use strong, sharp scissors of various sizes, including needle-nosed shears for cutting perennials and annuals. These are especially great for flower arranging friends.

Some may need a good set of bypass pruners that do a great job for small twigs and shrubs, or for the ambitious gardener. may be welcomed.

Gardeners also love practical gifts like plant stakes, tags and ties. Anyone who works with dirt will appreciate a hard bar of soap for cleaning, followed by a soothing ointment or hand cream.

Offer an ‘experience’ by visiting a public garden or purchasing a membership card. Northwest Ohio’s public gardens include Elmore’s Sheddell Arboretum and Gardens and the Toledo Zoo. Public gardens often have seasonal exhibits and special events that make great gifts.

Gardening is part of the agricultural economy, and for good reason. In this one year the gardener has improved our lives and theirs by improving environmental conditions, health and general well-being.

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