Global Lawn and Garden Tractor Market Outlook & Forecast Report 2022-2027 Featuring Key Vendors – AriensCo, Deere & Co, Honda, Husqvarna, & Kubota –

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The global lawn and garden tractor market is expected to reach $347.34 million in 2027 from $2,596.94 million in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 4.97% from 2022 to 2027.

The market is experiencing significant growth. This is primarily driven by the launch of new product models with improved efficiency, enhanced battery power and improved lawn mowing capabilities. Vendors are increasingly focusing on constant innovation to maintain their market position.

In addition to lawn mowing, garden tractors and lawn tractors are also used for snow removal, fallen leaf cleaning, and fertilization. Additionally, increasing government initiatives and activities to expand green areas are boosting the growth of the lawn and garden tractors market. Moreover, the outlook for the garden equipment industry in the North America region is improving. Additionally, tractors are becoming a mainstream product, with increasing end-user adoption rates in the lawn and garden market.

Gardening and lawn mowers are multi-purpose tractors with a compact, robust design for mowing work in gardens, green spaces, and other weather-sensitive areas. Mowers and garden tractors are in high demand in the summer and spring, increasing the amount of time you spend caring for your lawn.

Golf courses, on the other hand, are growing in popularity among developed and developing countries. Golf courses require regular ground maintenance and field upkeep, requiring the use of lawns and garden tractors.

The constant development of lawn and garden tractors is to maintain a sustainable presence in the market. Regarding features and models, tractors have undergone considerable development. For example, the development of plantation areas, replacement of lawns, design of new landscaping, installation of residential buildings, shopping malls, theme parks, etc. will increase the market demand for lawn and garden tractors, increasing the number of high-capacity lawn and garden tractors. doing.

These factors are likely to drive the demand for lawn and garden tractor products in developing countries such as India, Vietnam, China and Brazil.

Market trends and opportunities

Incorporating technology into lawn and garden tractors

With the rapid technological progress in recent years, new technologies for lawn mowers have emerged. These technologies help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your mower. AI technology such as allows electric tractors to make decisions and find the best path for mowing, grading a garden, or grading a driveway.

Smart autonomous lawn mowers have a built-in global positioning system (GPS) that allows the entire facility to move automatically. The device also uses smart technology to map the facility, combining low-cost optics and sensors to increase computing power in a small footprint that can be controlled using a smartphone.

Therefore, the incorporation of such technology into equipment will drive product sales in the lawn and garden tractor market during the forecast period.

growth in commercial construction

2020 saw a sharp decline in the commercial sector, with the hotel and motel industry hit hard and sports and convention centers. The commercial sector has seen some growth since 2021 as the economy reopens.

Increasing construction of hotels, amusement parks, private and government offices, sports and convention centers are supporting the commercial sector lawn and garden tractor market. Hotels and resorts also contribute significantly to the demand for lawn and garden tractors. Construction of various hotels and office spaces is expected to support the market growth in the coming years.

Manhattan and others are expected to have 12 million square feet of new office space available by 2022. The expansion of office space is therefore expected to boost green area across large office buildings and support market demand for lawn mowers and garden tractors.

geographic analysis

The North American lawn and garden tractor market is valued at USD 1 billion in 2021 and accounted for the largest global revenue share of 39.16% in 2021. The area’s large residential sector and numerous golf courses support the demand for this equipment. North America has the most golf courses in the world.

Europe is expected to be one of the fastest growing geographic segments in the global lawn and garden tractor market with a CAGR of 5.61% (in revenue) during the forecast period.

Factors such as increasing urbanization, increasing investment in local areas, and rapid construction of residential and commercial spaces with green spaces are increasing the demand for lawn and garden tractors. Europe, which is regarded as one of the largest and leading markets for the garden equipment segment, is expected to be primarily driven by residential end-users, where usage is increasing significantly.

Businesses are expected to use robust ground management equipment, increasing the need for landscaping services in the area. In addition to the number of public parks and lawn areas, the growing number of commercial spaces is also driving demand for garden tractors in the region.

competitive landscape

The global lawn and garden tractor market is moderately segmented, with many local and international players. As consumers expect constant advancements and upgrades in horticultural equipment, an ever-changing economic environment can adversely affect vendors.

In the current climate, vendors must align and improve their value propositions to achieve a superior business presence. The market is characterized by the presence of diverse international vendors and some regional vendors, but as foreign players expand their footprint in the market, regional vendors will compete with them, especially in terms of technology and customer base. becomes increasingly difficult in terms of

AriensCo, Deere & Company, Honda Motor Company, Husqvarna Group and Kubota Corporation are the major vendors in the global lawn and garden tractor market. Product/service expansion, technological advancements, and increased M&A are expected to further enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

Vendors are using innovative market models to accelerate growth and focus on expanding their organizational portfolios. During the forecast period, a number of foreign players are expected to expand their presence across the globe, especially in the rapidly developing countries of the APAC and Latin America regions, to gain further market share for lawn and garden tractors. . An upturn in the global economy will also help boost demand, making it an attractive time to introduce new products.

market dynamics

Market opportunities and trends

  • Technological advances in lawn and garden tractors

  • growing landscaping industry

  • Increasing Adoption of Green Spaces and Green Roofs

Factors enabling market growth

  • Growing demand from golf courses

  • Growing Demand for Homeownership and Renovations

  • growth in commercial construction

market constraints

  • Increased use of artificial turf

  • Lack of Skilled and Qualified Workforce

  • Intensifying competition with Chinese vendors

major vendors

  • AriensCo

  • Dear & Company

  • Honda motor industry stock company

  • husqvarna group

  • Kubota Corporation

Other Prominent Vendors

  • Stanley Black & Decker

  • Toro

  • Stiga Spa

  • Briggs & Stratton

  • AGCO Co., Ltd.

  • Emac SpA

  • arco garden tech

  • bobcat


  • ISEKI & CO., LTD.

  • grasshopper company

  • cobra

  • Textron Co., Ltd.

  • Yangzhou Weibang

  • AS motor


  • Cherbon

  • Generac Power Systems

  • IHI Shibaura Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • sports

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