Grateful for the help in staging the reading of ‘Ud’s Garden’

Thanks to the community, especially Ben Blackmon, Director of the Lockport Public Library. woods gardenDirected by Paul Hodgson and Jenn Hodgson of Everyman Repertory Theatre.

The audience reaction was very enthusiastic and thoughtful, brave enough to go out on Saturday afternoon despite the snow, ice and cold. would have done

Kim Murphy’s stellar cast brought the play to life, delighted the audience, and made the audience laugh at every turn. And, of course, the actors benefited greatly from the sensitivity and insight of Paul and his wife Jen.

The cast includes Rafael Baeza, Henry Kaufman, James Cook, Megan Gurdon, Pat Harpel, Dean Jorgenson, Larry Lehman, Andrew Lipman, April Layman and Katie Stearns.

Two studio recordings were played for the audience. ‘Here’s Your Consituency’, arranged by Peter daSilva and sung by Guy Fleurian, recorded at Railroad Park Studio. And We Want Peace, arranged by Stephen Billups, also wrote the music and lyrics for the bridge, sung by Alison Graham.

We appreciate the community’s support and hope we can see a future in this surreal anti-war drama. Woods garden. And finally, thanks to Seth Whited sound engineers Andrea Itkin and Dorrie Butterfield Higbee for working behind the scenes.

Ruth Graham lives in Lockport

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