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Like you, I feel the frustration of personal powerlessness. I am not at all against choosing veganism as it is a personal choice for peace of mind. is self-defeating.

Do your food producers add organic matter to the soil year-round? Are their lands lush, highly diversified, and photosynthetic year-round? Do the leaves of the plants and animals you eat receive direct sunlight? Do animals’ brains interact with the natural environment in which they live in stimulating ways? Penetrating Earth’s Skin?

To me, answering yes to these questions gives me the best hope for the survival of human culture.

Diverse mob grazing by both wildlife and domestic animals is essential for integrating human culture and climate stability.

Governments, institutions and individual choices must completely stop supporting both fossil fuels and the food commodities that fuel corporate dollar appetite.

We need to stop government subsidies and investments in food production and manufacturing. We also need to personally invest in, research, learn, practice and support local food systems. Technology doesn’t cut the master. Just understand life from micro to macro. And you and I have a very long way to go on that path.

In between: grow a garden. Buy directly from farmers. go!

— Richard Ross, Chico

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