Grow with KARE | Using eggshells in your garden

Throwing egg shells in the trash is throwing away a great garden resource! Instead, put the shells to work next growing season.

Golden Valley, Minnesota — Throwing egg shells in the trash is throwing away a great gardening resource. Instead, use these shells for the next growing season.

First, sprinkling a generous amount of ground eggshell around the plant can help keep slugs away.

Second, eggshells, of course, contain calcium, but they also contain many other nutrients that are beneficial to your garden, such as phosphorus, magnesium, and selenium.

Calcium is the most talked about treatment for flower end rot among gardeners. Often flower end rot is more of a water problem than a calcium problem. I can do it.

Adding eggshells when you already have blossom end lots will not solve the problem. They take too long to decompose in the soil. Prevention with healthy soil and good watering is important.

The problem is that egg shells take a long time to decompose. Drying them and grinding them into a fine powder will get these nutrients into the soil faster. Store shell powder in the freezer until spring.

Of course, the easiest way is to put it directly into the compost bin with your other food waste. This will help create healthy soil in your garden.

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