Growing interest in community gardens leads Pomona officials to seek ground rules – Daily Bulletin

As interest in urban gardens grows in Pomona, city leaders are working to solidify processes for future projects across the town.

One such project was a proposal from the Food Cycle Collective, a composting-focused non-profit organization, to turn part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Park at 800 West Lexington Avenue into a community farm and composting site. Convert.

If approved by the city council, the proposed farm would be located in the southeast corner of the park, a plot that city planners said would not interfere with normal park activities.

Suggested location for community farm at 800 W. Lexington Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, from Food Cycle Collective. (Courtesy of Pomona City)

The plan, shared at the January 9 council meeting, would include two growing areas, each about half the size of a football field, a composting area, and bulk materials such as wood chips that would be used to maintain the walkways. Requires a small area for storage.

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