Home Gardener Shares How She Built Her Dream Garden Without Spending a Fortune

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What does your dream garden look like? Do you have multiple raised beds overgrown with plants, with beautiful garden paths in between? Are the plants all growing in sync in the ground to the delight of nearly every permaculturist? Garden art spreads out. , filling the space with creativity?

If you’ve ever built a garden, you know how much effort and money it takes, especially if you start with raw ground. Costs include fences, soil, tools, lumber, seeds, perennials, and garden art. All of these deter many new homeowners from creating their dream garden space.

Recent homeowner and budget-seeking @blossomandbranchfarm turned her yard into a large, thriving food supply garden with her husband for under $275…and starting from scratch If you have, you know this is nothing!

Their garden-to-garden conversion looked like this: Starting with a little free self-labor, they remove all existing dirt in the area where they are arranging, move the ground and loosen the soil. It cost them $30 for a bag of pellets. $150 was spent on starts, seeds, starting soil and seed block tools. Whole yard straw mulch was $45 and small rabbit fence was $35.

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