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It’s time to prepare the lawn for next year. Here are some New Year’s resolutions to put into action.

Get a soil test to understand your soil needs and modify your soil accordingly. I have done this for myself in his landscape work since the late 1970’s and for others since the early 1980’s. When people go back to possum landscaping and pest control following their lawn prescription, they’re happy, happy, happy. A custom program is the best way. So you know what applies and when in the yearly calendar. What is the old saying, “The more you write down your goals, the greater your chances of achieving them”? Our custom program provides a step-by-step formula for creating a stunning garden in 2023.

Go through all the old products in your garage and identify why you bought them in the first place and if they are still usable products. This saves you money and makes room for new and improved products.

Control winter weeds when they are young. The bigger they get, the harder it is to control. Kill it now so you don’t have to pull the lawnmower to mow the weeds.

Treat fungus aggressively — save money. There are many diseases waiting to condition for another attack. Our ground is kept warm enough for the grass to absorb nutrients and fungicides. The large patches/brown patches that were there in the fall will explode again, so watch out for the next warm spell.

Use a wetting agent this year. Wetting agents have been shown to save about 30-60% of yard water consumption. This will save you a lot of money on your water bill. By watering less, you’ll have less fungal problems and save money by not having to buy fungicides or water.

At Possum’s, we’ve noticed that many people using wetting agents are saving even more water because they’re more regulated with their watering and water bills. So if your water bill was $100 a month, your bill is now just $20. Huge savings and water bills are usually over $100.

There are many other benefits to using a wetting agent, which ultimately led to the development of a simple RTS (direct-to-hose) applicator. Your roots will grow deeper and be able to take in more nutrients, so you’ll get more out of your fertilizer.

It’s time to replace the leaking hose on your faucet with a new gasket to save water. Check irrigation. Do I need all zones or can I turn some off? Shrubs and trees should be established after a year or so. Are your heads spraying as intended? Call your irrigator before the spring rush for help.

In 2023, be sure to remove manure and other repellent products from hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and roads before they are washed away by rainwater. This helps protect the beautiful areas in which we live. This also helps conserve the natural resources we use for recreation, food and work, as much rainwater runs into wetlands and waterways.

Add organic matter to your lawn and beds this year. Organic matter also helps lower your water bill while adding many other benefits to your soil. If you want to see for yourself the benefits of cotton swab compost, measure his 100 square feet (10 feet by 10 feet) area of ​​turf and spread out one 2 cubic foot bag. See our progress for a month. Many people feel that they use less fungicide after using cotton swab compost.

To combat weeds, plan to put out pre-germinated weeds in your lawn or bed according to the product label. It gets better. If time is of the essence, consider buying a year’s worth of the product now.

In 2023, always apply product according to label directions. No more “if 1 oz is good, 2 oz is really good”. For many of our fire ant products, less is more. On the pest control side of our business, cockroaches and rats can be repelled by too much product.Follow the labels that cost manufacturers millions of dollars to get approval from the EPA. That way you will get better results. This also saves you money. It goes without saying that product labeling is federal law.

Always cut grass with sharp mower blades and prune bushes with sharp pruning blades. The cut will be cleaner and less likely to get sick. Before the spring rush, take your lawn mower to the shop and get it tuned.

Happy new year!

Bill Lamson-Scribner can be reached during weekdays at Possum’s Landscape and Pest Control Supply, 481 Long Point Road, Mount Pleasant (971-9601). Or visit possumsupply.com.

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