How To Attract Good Insects Into Your Yard And Garden, According To An Expert

Insecticides can be a valuable first aid in combating infestations of aphids, caterpillars, and other harmful insect species. However, relying on pesticides and herbicides can cause long-term problems with lawn care and garden care.

Dr. van Rees explains: The more these chemicals accumulate, the more they can seriously harm animals. ”

Spiders, for example, eat quite a few unique pests that make shelter in your garden. You can eventually kill the spider population before eliminating all pests in the space. “In other words, every time one animal eats or eats another, more of these harmful chemicals can build up. This can ultimately lead to beneficial pest control — your garden.” useful predators — once you start using chemicals, they’ll disappear first,” says Dr. Van Rees.

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