How to deter squirrels: Wildlife expert top methods to stop squirrels visiting your garden

Squirrels may be cute and fluffy to look at, but they can be a nuisance when it comes to your garden’s ecosystem. spoke with Eric Michels, Head of Vivara Pro and CJ Wildlife Pro, about the most humane and effective ways to deter squirrels and restore harmony in your garden.

Eric shared the most obvious signs a squirrel is in your garden.

he said:

“Other important signs to look out for include holes in flowerbeds and lawns for food, bulbs themselves missing from borders, and bird feeders running out of food more rapidly than normal. There are things that are declining.

“They can also cause so much damage to your garden features that you may even find gnawing marks on feeders and bird tables when trying to reach feeding stations.”

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food and shelter

Experts have revealed what attracts squirrels to your garden: nuts and seeds.

“Shelter is also an important factor, so gardens with mature trees that allow squirrels to nest or jump from branch to branch tend to attract more squirrels than those without.”

Eric continues: .

“If they have their own food in an easily accessible squirrel feeder, they are much less likely to steal from other parts of the yard.”

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scent and smell

There are some odors and smells that squirrels dislike, like foxes and cats, and these can be used in small doses as a deterrent.

Eric says:

“These odors are not appealing to squirrels, but birds cannot actually taste them, so a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper on a bird feeder, for example, acts as an additional deterrent.”

Eric also shared some clever devices you can set up in your garden to deter squirrels.

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squirrel proof bird feeder

“Fortunately, there are many well-designed options,” he said.

“Many bird feeders now come with an outer cage that surrounds the feeder itself, allowing smaller birds to safely perch inside the cage without being chased away by larger birds, while at the same time limiting access to squirrels. I can.

“CJ Wildlife offers a variety of models and sizes, including our popular Guardian with a four-port seed feeder that protects both birds and their food.

“If you prefer a more sophisticated bird feeder, weighted perches offer an innovative way to protect access points to food.”

Some smart feeders have built-in technology that allows birds under 70g to perch and feed, but when creatures over 70g sit on their perches, they lose weight and open their mouths. It will be like this.”

“Adding a special squirrel feeding station to your garden will discourage squirrels from stealing from bird feeders,” he said.

“But remember, don’t feed them whole peanuts during breeding season. Always use squirrel feeders as they can choke baby birds.”

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