How to Farm Coins in Garden Galaxy

In Garden Galaxy, there are different types of coins that can be used to acquire items that can be added to your garden. Each type of coin belongs to a specific theme, and using them in the Magic Pot gives players the chance to get something from the same theme.

In this guide, we will discuss all types of coins in Garden Galaxy and share some tips on how to earn coins in the game.

Types of Garden Galaxy Coins

There are different types of coins that can be earned in the game, including:

  • copper coin
  • silver coin
  • gold coin
  • garden coin
  • water coin
  • forest coin
  • desert coin
  • urban coin
  • curio coin
  • classic coins
  • loan coin

All coins can be obtained from visitors who arrive at your garden, but copper, silver, and gold coins drop more often than others. Themed items are given as rewards.

Coin bank: (top) Copper, Silver, Gold, (middle) Water, Forest, Desert, Urban, (bottom) Curio, Classic, Loan

coin conversion

A coin can be converted into another coin with the help of coin bankThese coin banks are available from Magic Pots and follow the theme of the coins used. Other coins, except those with the same theme, can be placed in these coin banks, totaling 1 meter.

When the meter is full, coins are added inside the bank. A coin bank can hold up to 10 coins and can be obtained by breaking the bank. Banks are expendable, so it’s a good idea to fill up your coin bank first before breaking it.

Coins have different conversion values ​​compared to each other, as listed below for each coin bank:

  • copper coin bank
    • 1 gold to 2 copper
    • 1 theme coin to 2 copper coins
    • 1 silver to 1 copper
  • silver coin bank
    • 1 gold to 1 silver
    • 1 theme coin to 1 silver
    • 1 copper to 0.50 silver
  • gold coin bank
    • 0.75 gold from 1 theme coin
    • 1 silver to 0.50 gold
    • 1 copper to 0.25 gold
  • theme coin bank
    • 0.75 theme coin from 1 gold
    • 0.75 theme coin from 1 other theme coin
    • 0.50 theme coin from 1 silver
    • 0.25 theme coin from 1 copper

* Theme coin banks are coins other than copper, silver, and gold.

farming coin

To collect more coins, expand your garden to accommodate more visitors, or classic brazier This increases the maximum number of visitors the garden can accommodate at any given time.

If you’re focused on getting coins of a particular theme, one trick you can do is keep at least 2-3 of the same coin bank, and every time you drop a coin of the same theme, you have that coin bank. to make sure.placed on top altar of goldDoing this increases your chances of winning more of the same type of coin bank, essentially allowing you to earn the same coins indefinitely.

Garden Galaxy is available on Steam.

Check out this video by Ashemz showing gameplay in Garden Galaxy.

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