How to prune peace lilies to encourage them to ‘flower again’ with ‘more blooms’

As for the leaves, gardeners can prune them off as soon as they start to fade to yellow. experts urged gardeners to be aware that this could be a “problem sign” for the roots. there is.

How to prune peace lilies

Gardner doesn’t need many tools to prune peace lilies, according to the plant guru, but “the most important thing” is a bypass pruner or a good set of trimming shears. Let’s keep Cutting the plant can expose it to bacteria, so it’s important to clean the blade with 10% diluted bleach or rubbing alcohol.

Gardeners may also need decent garden gloves, as the sap of the spathiphyllum plant contains sharp, microscopic crystals of calcium oxalate that can irritate sensitive skin.

Whether cutting leaves or flowers, “it’s best to cut as close to the soil as possible,” said Pro. They warn:

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