How to Tend a Garden in BitLife

Are you thinking about how to take care of your garden? bit life? bit life is a text-based life sim that lets you do all kinds of crazy things like summon ghosts. bit life We have launched our latest Weekly Challenge being a Herbalist. Like all challenges, this one has some odd tasks to complete. One of the tasks is to take care of the garden for at least 20 years.

It may look like an easy task, but it’s not. bit life There are always some hidden ways to complicate simple things. If you are having trouble completing this task, look no further.This guide will show you how to take care of your garden bit life.

BitLife: Garden care

take care of the garden bitlife, There are some steps that need to be followed. do not worry. they are easy.

  1. Before choosing a street hustler career, you should start tending your garden.
  2. then in the right corner of the main menu[アクティビティ]Open a tab.
  3. After selecting the Mind and Body option, you will see the “Garden” option underneath.

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You can start tending your garden with bit life when your character is 12 years old. You still live with your parents and it becomes their garden. The easiest way is to start a garden at the age of 18 when you leave home and buy your own garden. To complete this task in the challenge, your character simply needs to grow a garden until she is 38.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why this task cannot be started.

  • if your character is in jail
  • If you become an orphan and choose to live in an orphanage
  • If you have already chosen to become a street hustler

Don’t get confused.Garden activity trends can be found under the Mind & Body tab bit lifePlease follow all procedures and stay away from prisons and orphanages.


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bit life Available for PC, iOS and Android

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