How Vampire in the Garden and Call of the Night Each Revolutionized Vampire Anime

Both will be released in 2022, vampire in the garden When call of the night It received such a surprisingly lukewarm response from anime fans. Considering the quality and originality of the visuals, it’s definitely underrated, ranking at #3409 and his #512 respectively on MyAnimeList.their unpopularity, especially vampire in the gardencan be the result of many factors, including format and release method, atmosphere, genre, and pacing.

Despite their differences, both anime put a very unique twist on vampire anime.distance themselves from predecessors such as Vampire Knight, Rosario and Vampire and even Castlevaniatwo series revolutionized the genre by shifting its tropes from protagonists to narrative themes. The bravery of creative choices deserves admiration.

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Vampire in the Garden is an LGBTQ+ take on Romeo and Juliet

the most interesting facts about vampire in the garden Definitely a decision to feature two female leads. Despite maintaining a vampire trope whose seductive charm is hard to resist, vampire in the garden Twist it to give it a more progressive feel.Momo and Fine are star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet, but in the anime they are probably Yuri and Zero. Vampire Knightthe anime makes the brave choice of being both female.

The novelty doesn’t end there. Both Momo and Fine are strong female characters, one a warrior queen and the other a warrior and daughter of a female general. And the tragic nature of their relationship comes from not only belonging to two different races, but on opposing fronts. It all contributes to what makes the series unique, as does their bond development. Momo must overcome her deep-seated prejudices and finally recognize and accept Finne’s generous and noble nature.

Additionally, the fact that humans and vampires are at war adds a unique flavor to the anime, making it a war drama set in an alternate dystopian future. , where vampires and humans fight for dominance, turning days into endless hours of terror and pain.

In this helpless environment, Fine and Momo represent a glimmer of hope. Both are determined and strong women determined to put aside their differences to work for a future where coexistence is at least possible for them. Romeo and Juliet In parallel, it gives the anime a strong romantic subtext, though it never really becomes clear.

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Call of the Night is a modern vampire that defies expectations

Image from Call of the Night.

compared to vampire in the garden, call of the night It offers a much lighter and more playful look at the genre. In the anime, high school student Hikari begins wandering aimlessly at night to combat insomnia, and ends up entwining his life with that of the vampire Nazuna. It is the decision to set the series on the night of the city that provides the anime with an extraordinary visual quality. The sky is filled with a surreal yet enchanting galaxy of purple-blue stars.

Nazuna’s vampire life resembles a boring high school student more than the basically immortal monsters of centuries ago. Etc. is presented as endless boredom filled with the best distractions of our time. However, as Nazuna and Kou grow closer, the playfulness fades and is replaced by an underlying sense of utter loneliness. Many of the depths shown are not found in other (vampire) anime.

call of the night‘s greatest achievement, however, has nothing to do with the visual style or representation of vampire life. In fact, it’s all about gender roles. call of the night By making Nazuna bold and confident and Kou more emotional, she subverts expectations by reversing the traditional female-male nature. It’s she who has the money and power, and he doesn’t care much about it. is evidence of how far away from the traditional “anime girl”. You have the maturity and freedom to speak like you should.

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Vampires in the Garden and Call of the Night Prove Anime Can Twist Genres

A close-up of Nazuna and Kou from Night's Call staring at each other

Overall, both vampire in the garden,That Romeo and Juliet A story set in a war-torn world, call of the nighta playful gender flip in a piecemeal comedy setting of life, proves that anime can go beyond formula and create something wholly original. By mixing , contemporary shows can reach new heights by exploring themes from different angles and restructuring tropes for the better.

in the meantime call of the night We’ve created a new version of a female vampire that’s not sexy and dangerous, but quirky and sassy. vampire in the garden gave Romeo and Juliet It formulates new protagonists who can be strong, complex and doomed, even if they are of the same gender. Similar to the vampire genre, the same has been done to other anime tropes. for example, Beastars Changed high school anime forever. Only good things come from challenging old stereotypes and dusty character models to find new and exciting avenues.

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