Inner city garden receives anonymous donation to help feed more in the community

JACKSON, Mississippi (WLBT) – An inner-city garden created to provide free food has evolved into a non-profit organization. The Powers Avenue spot aims to feed more people. The generous donation we received on Monday is helping make that happen.

“I’m so grateful. I’m still overwhelmed. It’s still hard to believe,” said Norma Michael.

On Monday morning, Sharing Is Caring Neighborhood Block Garden creator Michael left Bolton with an anonymous donation of $5,000 to the nonprofit. An effort spearheaded by Congressman Benny Thompson, who saw her story of buying a vacant lot and turning it into her garden to feed the elderly and other residents.

“There have been many times I’ve wondered how I’m going to get the funding to do what it takes to be successful in this garden,” Michael said. Thank you for taking the time to read the article.”

It has grown from a water giveaway for seniors during the water crisis in September to a recycling site for those bottles and more to a center for sharing. The funds will provide the community with more fresh vegetables.

“It’s going to mean a lot to the people in the garden and on the block. We’ll be able to grow more things,” said a community gardener. We can do research, we can have a greenhouse.”

Michael also received a certificate of Congressional Special Recognition for her work for the community. Retirees are now making plans to expand composting. She and her nonprofit vice president, Nicole Williams, laid down straw on Monday to insulate recently planted seeds in preparation for their next harvest.

“We really hope that other people will survey the land and start gardening and share it with the people on the block,” Michael added. increase.”

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