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With funding available, completed projects will include covered seating and outdoor decks for classes and performances.

The City of Storm Lake has announced that it has received a $50,000 grant from T-Mobile to establish Harmony Gardens, a music park outside the library grounds.

Mayor Mike Porsche and T-Mobile representatives announce plans to revitalize the green space outside the Witter Gallery annex, including non-irrigated landscaping, outdoor musical instruments, game tables, benches and charging stations for mobile devices Did. Storm Lake is he one of 25 communities awarded by the T-Mobile Hometown Grants. The program has received over 400 applications this cycle.

The mayor of Porsche (left) receives a check from a T-Mobile representative. From left to right: Dena Pablo, Britney Drinowski, and John Lauren.

“This project will recreate a worn-out concrete-clad downtown courtyard into a park-like environment featuring colorful outdoor music that people of all ages can enjoy,” the city statement said. . “…the City hopes to continue developing the Library/Witter Gallery grounds in the future as funds are available with covered seating and an outdoor deck for classes and performances.”

Storm Lake Bakery and Storm Lake Candy Company provided sweets.

Porsche said the musical garden is a good use for the green space in Storm Lake, one of the country’s most prominent ethnically diverse small cities. Music is a universal language.

“Adding musical instruments to the complex that houses both the public library and the public museum creates a delightful synergy,” the city statement continued. “Literature, visual arts and music come together to create a thriving cultural center that will inspire creativity for years to come.”

Harmony Garden is part of T-Mobile’s five-year, $25 million commitment to help communities create innovative gathering places. T-Mobile is currently awarding 150 grants worth a total of $6.8 million.

Jon Freier, President of Consumer Group at T-Mobile, said: “It’s great to see T-Mobile making a positive and lasting impact on local communities through both grant funding and giving back to small businesses across the country.”

Installation of musical instruments is scheduled for next spring and summer.

The project was unveiled in style last Thursday at the Storm Lake Public Library.

Instruments are taken from multiple cultures, including samba drums, calypso chimes, and cavatinas.

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