Is your garden breaking the law?

You might think you can plant a tree, build a hut, add a trampoline, or do whatever you want with your own garden, but nothing is easy in Portugal.

There are a number of legal considerations to be aware of before you smash a beer or garden chair.

Cultivation fire hazard law – In rural areas, there is a deadline to clear up to 50 meters of land outside your home by March 15th. Otherwise, the owner may be fined. The risk of fire is very high in Portugal and the law stipulates that all owners, tenants and users located in rural areas, even if they are not the owners of buildings, are obliged to evict this land. I’m here. Bonfires for burning yard debris are also subject to certain rules to avoid fire-related risks.

Interval – The space between tree tops (crowns), not tree trunks, should be at least 4m apart. Maritime pines and eucalyptus he 10m. However, the ICNF (Institute for Conservation and Forestry) explains that this is intended to thin large areas, and if there is a small group of trees closer together than these areas, the lower half will be pruned appropriately. . It’s always a good idea to check first.

Trees 4m above the ground should be pruned. Trees less than 8m tall should be pruned in the lower half. Trees and shrubs should be 5 meters away from the building and treetops should not extend over the roof. However, a new decree from October 2018 gives some flexibility to trees with “special heritage or landscape value”.

Shrub height should not exceed 50 cm. This is to avoid overgrowth over a large area. ICNF Advice: If your garden has individual or small groups of shrubs that exceed this height, but are properly managed, this should not pose a problem.

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make things in your garden– Whether using straw bales, timber or stone, there seem to be few restrictions (there are always “buts”), but all without a foundation such as containers, tents, yurts, caravans, mobile homes, etc. In residence, there are no restrictions. I need permission so As long as you can be sure they are movable and not permanently occupied. The definition of a “temporary home” varies by city, but is usually something that can be moved 20 meters in 24 hours and always includes wheels..

So do you need a building to protect your hot tub from the elements? You’ve spent a lot of money on it and you want to protect it. is not required. Generally, those that house hot tubs are small one-story structures, but they are not completely enclosed. Depending on its size and location, it may be added to your property without permission, but it must not exceed one storey in height and not exceed 3 meters in height (4 meters including sloping roof). not within 2 meters of your building. Make sure it’s a boundary and that the structure is no closer to a road or public road than a house. Also, like any garden building, it should not take up more than 50% of the space around the first built house.

Not as easy as you think, right?

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Surveillance camera – All garden owners have a right to privacy Outdoor security cameras should only be aimed at the boundaries of your yard or public space to avoid intruding on your neighbors’ privacy. Smoky barbecues, bubbly hot tubs, and loud parties can all be considered nuisance, so please be considerate of your neighbors when enjoying time in the garden. – Don’t place it where you can see your neighbor’s yard or house when you’re bouncing – Again, invasion of privacy.

Finally, between 23:00 and 7:00, loud noises in the home are prohibited (General noise regulation).

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