It’s a new era for Georgetown’s Crockett Gardens Falls after freeze causes partial collapse

Pipes aren’t the only ones affected by the arctic cold front that hit Texas last month. Crockett Gardens Falls, a popular Georgetown landmark, partially collapsed in freezing temperatures.

Natural spring-fed waterfalls are located along the southern shore of Georgetown Lake, managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The falls are open to the public despite the collapse of the iconic rocky, mossy overhang. This feature played a role in creating the characteristic look of the waterfall.

Corps lake manager Scott Blank told KUT that he first noticed the fall’s overhang collapse on December 24.

The Crockett Gardens Falls waterfall partially collapsed in last month’s cold weather.

However, spring water continues to flow in the part of the cliff that still remains.

“It’s a shame, but it’s not gone by itself,” Blank told KUT. It’s not the same—no. It’s just going to be a different feature.

“Like [with] All natural features, Mother Nature, rule,” he added.

After all, Crockett Gardens Falls is a changeable place.

Today, the waterfall is widely known as a popular local tourist attraction. But he said 100 years ago, its natural springs fueled some of the county’s first settlements.

Postcard photo showing Crockett Gardens Falls and the North San Gabriel River in 1906.

Courtesy of Williamson Museum

A postcard photo dated May 14, 1906 shows a picture of Crockett Gardens Falls and the North San Gabriel River.

In 1875 James Knight acquired the land and started a garden. There he grew the first strawberries in the county. land of good water By Clara Stearns Scarborough.

The land was described as having “abundant spring water, spectacular waterfalls, high banks with ferns and aquatic plants, and irrigation facilities.”

RM Crockett, for whom the waterfall is named, later acquired the land and continued to operate the gardens.

Today, visitors can see remnants of Crockett’s garden along the approximately two-mile trail hike from Cedar Breaks Park to the falls. You can also go to the falls by kayaking on Georgetown Lake.

Crockett Garden Falls in Georgetown.

Visitors can hike along the 2-mile trail to see the falls or go kayaking.

For more information on visiting the falls, visit the Georgetown Tourism website.

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