Laredo ramen shop to open food truck at Cultura Beer Garden

Laredo’s Cultura Beer Garden will soon welcome a familiar face to its food truck roster.

Ramen Kai Noodle House will join downtown restaurant options by the end of the month, while the central Laredo restaurant plans to open a food truck next week, confirmed Sunday.

According to social media posts, the new food truck will be named Ramen Kai Bites and the menu will include a variety of appetizers and rice bowls.

The opening is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 12, at 7:30 p.m. As of Thursday, the restaurant has yet to reveal its full schedule or menu.

However, looking at the current Ramen Kai menu, it’s expected that some of the restaurant’s offerings will be carried over to new, smaller offerings.

Appetizers and rice bowls at the restaurant at 5216 Springfield include donburi rice bowls topped with koshihikari rice, green onions, pickled ginger, fried eggs, and a variety of proteins, as well as takoyaki, gyoza, pork belly rangoon, rice balls, Osaka fries, and shrimp. tempura.

For more information about Food Trucks, visit Ramen Kai Bites on Facebook ( For restaurant details, visit

Cultura Beer Garden is located at 916 Salinas Ave and can be found online at

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