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help! It was three days until Christmas and he still hadn’t finished his gift list. what to do, what to do Of course, as a gardener, I have some suggestions that can help hasten this situation.
Let’s start with an ordinary clay pot. You can decorate it as it is and use it as a container, so gift wrapping is not required. The size and shape will depend on the final content.
These pots can be purchased at many local stores.
The next step is important. The pot should be sealed before decorating. I’m telling you this because I once skipped this step with disastrous results. Not a pretty sight! Contact your local paint store for the best sealant for this project.
Now it’s time to have fun – decorate! There are countless options for decorating your pot. I have no artistic flair, so my decorations are spray paint. Yes, just point and spray. If you’re feeling adventurous, use painters tape to create colored stripes.

If I’m super adventurous, I even use spray paint for stencils.
I may lack artistic talent, but many of you, like my daughter Stacey, are very smart. Twenty years ago Stacy Tole drew a pot for me. This pot is still in use today. She used acrylic paint, which was clearly a good decision.
If you don’t like decorating pots, you can use plain clay pots or buy pre-decorated pots. One thing is certain: no gardener has too many pots.
The pot is now ready. what do you do with it Below are some suggestions.

1. Fill with dried fruit from summer to autumn. This is always appreciated.
2. Do not peel the walnuts yet. Walnut pieces or halves make a stylish gift. If you want to get really fancy, how about candied or spiced nuts?
3. Fresh fruit is also appreciated. This time of year is a good harvest, so let’s put mandarin oranges, mandarin oranges, persimmons, etc. in the pot.
4. Fill with potting soil, water and plants. For outdoor plants, ornamental cabbages, pansies and cyclamen will brighten up your winter landscape. If you’re a gardener, you probably have rooted indoor plants of all kinds. Now is the perfect time to share!
5. Most gardeners appreciate pots with rhizomes, bulbs, or seed packets for spring planting (watch carefully, most of the packets I find this time of year are outdated). What a thoughtful gift this is!
Enjoy last minute Christmas gifts. Gifts from your garden or for gardeners are welcome all year round. And if you’re thinking ahead, many of these same gifts are also useful for Valentine’s Day.
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