LeBron James will return Tuesday, play first game at Madison Square Garden since 2020, per report

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LeBron James holds a special place in my heart at Madison Square Garden. When he played his last game with former teammate and friend Dwyane Wade, he declared that the then Staples Center and Gardens were the only venues suitable for such an occasion. Although he has had many notable performances throughout his career, including a 52-point triple-double for , he has been unable to replicate that success in New York lately.

It’s not his own fault. His only one game in a season when the Los Angeles Lakers face the Knicks. Last year, James was suspended for that game after an altercation with Detroit Pistons center Isiah Stewart. Last year he was injured. That means James hasn’t played at Madison Square Garden since 2020.

But that streak ended Tuesday, as the Lakers complete their streak through New York in a game against the Knicks. ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, played by James. That was inconclusive after he lost to the Brooklyn Nets on Monday. His condition on Tuesday was uncertain, as Lakers coach Durbin Hamm said before the game that James was dealing with a serious pain in his left foot.

Anthony Davis also looks set to return to the lineup after being ruled out of Monday’s game after the team’s training staff weren’t willing to play back-to-back just yet. They’re trying to get out of the hole, and this should give them a near-healthy roster. But given James’ history at Madison Square Garden, he should be in a position to lead his team to victory.

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