Let Your Garden Grow eku box and Celia Collection Cake Pedestal

grow your garden ebox

thing of interest: A beautiful gift box full of items any gardener would love.

What it does: A small gift box, priced at $175, contains a packet of Organic Microgreen Seeds, a Pollinator Seed Pop filled with plant seeds that attract bees and butterflies, a Plant the Box Candle, a pinch-and-pull herb dish, organic gardener soap, and pruning. Scissors. A large gift box, priced at $255, contains a few more gardening supplies. The company, eku box, also manufactures a variety of other gift boxes. For more information, please visit ekubox.com.

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Celia Collection Cake Base

thing of interest: An elegant cake base from Caskata made from lead-free crystal.

What it does: According to the company, the Celia line is inspired by a “sophisticated blend of 1940s charm with sophisticated lines.” The cake stand is blown by an artist from the Czech Republic. It is 5.25 inches tall and 11 inches wide. Available in rose, citrine, and ocean colors, it retails for $120. For more information, please visit caskata.com.

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