Looking for the perfect gift for your gardener?

It’s the season. So what do you give the gardener? My feeling is that, much like knowing her favorite clothing style or her favorite book-devouring author, the serious gardener knows her gardening tools that fit her style needs, and probably already has a brand. or type.

But there is one gardening tool that I can never get enough of. I’m here. Twenty-some years ago I was given one by a former master gardener. Trags are a must-have for your garden and home toolkit.

So what is Trag? To answer that question, we need to delve into history and go to England, a place where gardening is at its best. The Sussex Trags, made in a particular way and updated for common garden use, became popular when purchased by Queen Victoria in 1851. However, as gardening changed, trugs evolved and are now found in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials, with a wide variety of uses. and imitations of natural materials such as wood and textiles are commonly available overseas.

What all trugs have in common is durability, sturdy handles for easy carrying, and a variety of sizes and shapes. The truck I chose is made of plastic. They are flexible, durable and come in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes and colors. Sizes vary from 20 gallons to about 1 cup. In addition to traditional tub shapes, you’ll find shallow troughs, shopping baskets, and strainers. I use the trolley to haul everything from garden tools to compost, soil, garden weeds, leaves, laundry, water under gutters, or the last fall harvest of tomatoes and peppers. We mixed everything from soil conditioners to water-soluble fertilizers. They keep my garden gloves, plastic containers, and upside down native plants to collect seeds.

So if you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for your gardener, head over to your computer or local store and search for the perfect trag.

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