Louis CK’s sold-out show at Madison Square Garden proves there’s no such thing as cancel culture

“Can we stop canceling great artists like hearsay?” Deadpan TikToker Talia Lichtstein filming herself outside New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden. “For example, there is a story about women being creepy, but no one really knows the story. that man never work again?…their career is a mess eternallyBehind her, in impeccably timed digital signage, ‘Tonight: Louis CK. SOLD OUT’.

It’s a perfect satire, and Lichstein had planned months in advance and needed to speak to the camera over and over again until the billboards lit up at just the right moment. I’m talking As of this writing, he has 1.3 million views in just 15 hours since uploading.

This terribly effective skewer has a point. On Saturday, January 27, the comedian Louis CK sold out the world’s most famous arena venue with a capacity of just under 21,000. It capped off his triumphant 13-day US tour, and fans who missed tickets were also able to pay to watch him stream the show live. Louis CK was supposed to have been “cancelled” in his 2017, so it was revealed that he repeatedly exposed himself and masturbated in front of several female comics without their consent. His management also threatened to take “professional responsibility” if victims spoke out.

Considered one of stand-up’s all-time greats at the time, CK enjoyed a string of high-profile success stories on stage and screen, but eventually admitted and apologized for the incident. was after being exposed in New York. The Times cited five different women. All have been in the comedy industry and all have similar experiences. “The power I had over these women was that they admired me,” he admitted. “And I wielded that power irresponsibly.”

Anger was quick and professional results were immediate. CK’s upcoming feature film, i love papa, was pulled from distribution, and co-stars Charlie Day and Chloe Grace Moretz had nothing to do with it. and the performance was cancelled. You would think, Louis CK was all washed up, which he claimed resulted in his $35 million in lost income.

It was the end of 2017. Now he is at the beginning of 2023. In his four-and-a-half years in between, of course, a good chunk of it consisted of messing with thumbs in a pandemic, but CK is back in comedy. First, he appeared in small New York clubs, where he was filmed making material at the expense of a school shooting victim, then did a small theater tour. By 2021, he’d sold his 10,000th ticket for his two nights in New York, released new specials, and made international appearances. Two small British club dates have been canceled after the 2019 protests, but by October 2022 he’s set to return to two of London’s biggest indoor venues, Hammersmith’s Apollo and Wembley’s. I was doing shows back to back in the arena. True, there are mixed reviews.

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