Madison Square Garden uses facial recognition tech to scan for legal adversaries

On their wedding anniversary in October, Barbara Hart and her husband were pulled out of a Brandi Carlisle concert at Madison Square Garden. In her account, the security guard said she was fired because she now worked for the law firm Grant & Eisenhofer, which is filing a class action lawsuit against MSG’s parent company, Madison Square Garden Entertainment. Hart then speculated that he was flagged by the venue’s facial recognition software.This was confirmed by a company representative in her statement to the company rolling stone Published on Wednesday.

Hart is not involved in the lawsuit against MSG. However, in their statement, the company said it is their policy to bar lawyers employed by the firm who are involved in active litigation against them from the venue.(MSG) In addition to its flagship arena, Entertainment also operates Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theater and the Chicago Theater.) The statement read: At our venue until that lawsuit is resolved. While we understand that this policy has disappointed some people, we cannot ignore the fact that litigation creates an inherently hostile environment. ”

This week, a second lawyer hired by a company opposing MSG in court was kicked off the premises of an MSG venue by facial recognition software. Davis, Saperstein and Solomon’s Kelly Conlon were escorted out of Radio City Music Hall with her daughter and the Girl Scouts group she was with to see the Rockets show.Conlon said against MSG Nor is she involved in any lawsuits against her company.

Fight for the Future’s Evan Greer blasted MSG’s “highly invasive surveillance equipment” in a statement. rolling stone“This is a perfect example of how these tools can be used in truly amazing ways,” he said.

FADER has reached out to Hart, Conlon and MSG for more information.

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