National Wildlife Federation announces Shubber Ali as Garden for Wildlife, Inc. CEO

The National Wildlife Federation has announced the launch of Garden for Wildlife (GFW), Inc., led by CEO Shumber Ali. As his CEO, Ali will advance the company’s mission to enable individuals and businesses to create a more sustainable world and help wildlife, starting in their own gardens.

Building on 50 years of native plant education and leveraging the science and conservation expertise of the National Wildlife Federation, GFW has built a profitable enterprise to sustain its mission. Led by Ali, the new organization is poised to make a big impact in the world of conservation and environmental management.

Colin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, said: “His passion for conservation and deep understanding of the native plant industry make him the perfect leader to take the new GFW, Inc. to new heights. We believe that by growing native plants and restoring habitats, millions of Americans will make great strides in efforts to protect and restore endangered species.”

“We aim to significantly increase the demand for native plants in the United States and establish millions of square feet of new native habitat. We will continue to support the National Wildlife Federation’s goal of developing initiatives to help all communities build connections with wildlife and communicate the tremendous benefits of wildlife habitat to communities across the country.”

Under Ali’s leadership, the new GFW company will focus on native planting through improved plant availability, advanced horticulturist education, and focused partnerships with native plant nurseries, builders and other stakeholders. help expand the adoption of

Head of Garden for Wildlife Programs

Mary Phillips will continue to lead the GFW and Certified Wildlife Habitats Education Program, as she has for the past nine years. Phillips’ will continue its partnership with GFW, Inc. and its new CEO, ensuring that her mission remains consistent.

“We look forward to working with Shubber to advance the business and its mission,” said Phillips. We are well-positioned to expand our business model that gives gardeners the tools to create healthy spaces for both people, which will rapidly expand the scale of beneficial wildlife habitat from coast to coast. I guess.”

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