Native American Garden project underway

The University of California, Riverside has begun construction of a Native American Garden in the center of its campus. This garden pays tribute to the natives of the area.

The gardens are planned for a 20,000 square foot area of ​​the Upper Mall outside the Highland Union Building (HUB) next to the recently renovated Pierce Hall.

Preliminary work on the project will begin over the winter break and landscapers will begin planting new trees and other vegetation in early February for summer completion, said Vilma Khan, project manager at the Department of Planning, Design and Construction. says Mr.

Preliminary site work for a planned Native American garden is underway. (Imran Gori/UCR)

The project has been underway for several years with an ad hoc committee including campus leadership, staff, faculty, students and representatives of the Indigenous community reviewing the concept and design.

“Everybody was really looking forward to this project and the launch,” Khan said.

The approved design was created by Jones & Jones, the Seattle architecture and landscaping firm that designed Washington, DC’s National Museum of the American Indian.

It features a variety of trees, plants, and vegetation unique to the region and its tribes, including chaparral, oak, sage shrubs, palo verde, and desert vegetation.

The gardens include circular gathering areas that can be used for performances, unique planting areas, shade structures, benches, and indigenous art such as murals and sculptures. Equipped with a meeting area that can accommodate 80 people and benches that can accommodate 30 people, it is expected to be used as a place for classes and activities.

“We will have a welcoming area at the university,” Khan said. “You can show Indigenous art, whether it’s dance, performance or wall murals in your garden. As long as we educate everyone about our beautiful Riverside County Indigenous people, so many doors will open.”

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