Nebraska State Arboretum Hosting Series of Winter Garden Workshops

The Lincoln-Nebraska State Arboretum (NSA) is offering a series of free workshops to people with a winter itch to get back in the garden during the winter, according to a statement issued by the organization.

Dubbed “Plant Talk,” the workshop aims to help prepare gardeners for the upcoming growing season by inviting experts from all areas of horticulture to speak on their areas of expertise. Questions about their craft.

The first webinar is scheduled for Thursday, January 26 at noon Central Time. The event’s focus will be on the state and future of Nebraska’s forests in the wake of last summer’s wildfire devastation, with Nebraska Forester John Erickson as the marquee speaker.

The second workshop, scheduled for noon on Thursday, February 9, will be primarily a Q&A featuring Arboretum Green Infrastructure Coordinator Justin Evertson and Horticulture Program Coordinator Bob Henrickson on trees, plants, gardening, and more. You can answer participants’ questions about Aspects related to those topics.

On February 23, the Plant Talk series will conclude with a presentation titled “The Winter Garden” by NSA Sustainable Landscape Coordinator Sarah Buckley. In this workshop, Buckley will reveal to participants the beauty and necessity of winter landscapes, as well as suggestions for keeping gardeners busy during the low season and keeping wildlife close at hand through all seasons. We give you tips on how to keep it.

Plant Talks are free and open to the public, but registration is required and should be completed as soon as possible. You can find the registration link here.

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