New ‘Garden Goodness’ and ‘Fruity Finds’ Mike, Angel, and Mystery Munchlings at Walt Disney World

The new “Garden Goodness” and “Fruity Finds” Disney Munchling Collections have started arriving at Walt Disney World. I found a large avocado breakfast bagel Mike Wazowski, a large Acai Bowl Angel, and two Mystery His packs at the Magic Kingdom Emporium.

The Emporium has a dedicated section for Disney Munchlings.

Avocado Breakfast Bagel Mike ‘Garden Goodness’ Munchling – $34.99

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4346

The mic is part of the Garden Goodness collection, which is designed with Disney characters in a variety of vegetable dishes.

Jan 2023 Munchling wdw 4352

This round stuffed animal is light brown with green avocado spread across Mike’s face and eggs that act as eyes.

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4351
January 2023 Munchling wdw 4349
January 2023 Munchling wdw 4348

Acai Bowl Angel ‘Fruity Finds’ Munchling – $34.99

Jan 2023 Munchling wdw 4356

Angel is part of the Fruity Finds collection. Upside-down pineapple cake Stitch plush toy joins the ranks.

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4357

The angel’s face is purplish pink.

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4358

She is sitting in a brown bowl.

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4359
Jan 2023 Munchling wdw 4360

Blueberries and strawberries on top.

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4362
January 2023 Munchling wdw 4365
January 2023 Munchling wdw 4363
January 2023 Munchling wdw 4368

Two mystery packs. Green is Garden Goodness and orange is Fruity Find. One box contains 1 small scented stuffed munchling.

Fruity Finds Mystery Plush – $16.99

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4370
January 2023 Munchling wdw 4371

These are the stuffed animals available in Fruity Finds Mystery Boxes:

  • acai bowl angel
  • blueberry pancake minnie mouse
  • chocolate dip strawberry piglet
  • fresh coconut water daisy duck
  • Banana Nut Bread King Lewis
  • Fruit and Granola Parfait White Rabbit

One mysterious character.

Jan 2023 Munchling wdw 4374

Garden Goodness Mystery Plush – $16.99

January 2023 Munchling wdw 4377
January 2023 Munchling wdw 4378

The Garden Goodness Box contains one of the following plushies:

  • Cornelote Donald Duck
  • baked potato mickey mouse
  • lettuce wrap bambi
  • Spice Carrot Cake Thumper
  • avocado breakfast bagel mike
  • stuffed green pepper Winnie the Pooh

There are also mysterious characters in this collection.

What’s your favorite new Disney Munchling plush? Let us know in the comments!

The new Fruity Fig Bar Figment Munchling will also debut at the 2023 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

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