New Guide Offers Inspiration for Your Landscape and Garden Retail Customers

Horticultural distributor Ball Seed has released its 2023 edition of THRIVE and FLOURISH combined print brochures, offering solutions for landscapers and inspiration for garden centers. This annual resource puts expert plant advice in the hands of greenhouse growers, helps customers build top-performing landscape designs, and attracts retailers.

With topics and categories curated by Ball Seed IGC and Landscape Business Manager Jeff Gibson, the 2023 brochure will include dozens of new products, as well as demonstrations for successful planting in North America. Already available varieties are introduced.

“Garden center business owners and landscape service professionals share a common bond that creates lifelong gardening customers and clients,” says Gibson. “By combining these two audiences into one easy-to-use resource, we can inspire new plants on the market today and build trust.”

Topics and trends featured in the 2023 THRIVE / FLOURISH brochure include:

  • Perennial Recommendations to Increase Your Earnings
  • A new and proven annual suitable for shaded or shady locations
  • Top garden centers need to build customer excitement
  • Up-to-date list of pollinator-friendly plants
  • Opportunity to be driven by urge to present with Nadeshiko and carnation potted plants

Also included in this year’s brochure is a “Tips and Order Schedule” for landscapers and a “When to Order” calendar to help growers work effectively with garden center customers.

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Download a digital copy of the brochure here.


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