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New Season: Natchez Garden Club Begins Its Own Pilgrimage This Year

Released at 2:00 pm on Saturday, January 7, 2023

Natchez Garden Club is breaking with tradition and forging its own path this spring by launching its own historic home spring pilgrimage.

Donna Sessions, president of the Natchez Garden Club, said members wanted to make a difference to the typical pilgrimage experience, offering more homes on tours and offering more to visitors to the city. He said he wanted to extend the pilgrimage from the usual month. Frame May.

For most of its 90-year history, the Pilgrimage Garden Club and the Natchez Garden Club have worked together to open their respective members’ homes for the Spring Pilgrimage. This has brought millions of dollars in tourism revenue to the Natchez business.

“We decided we wanted to start our own pilgrimage,” Sessions said. “We wanted to go in another direction.”

Natchez Garden Club tours include Magnolia Hall, The House on Ellicott Hill, The Towers, Myrtle Terrace, Gloucester, Choctaw Hall, Sunnyside, Glenfield, Thomas Staniforth House, Elms Court, Cherokee, Texada and The Gardens. increase.

Marsha Colson, president of the Pilgrimage Garden Club, said she had no comment on the changes, except that the Pilgrimage Garden Club’s annual spring pilgrimage will continue as usual from March 11 to April 11. In addition to museums, club tours include Sweet Auburn, Rip Rupp, Pleasant Hill, The Barn, Routhland, Linden, Elgin, Richmond, Airlie, Concord Quarters, Lansdowne, Brandon Hall, Banker’s House, Ravenna and Green Leaves. , Oak Hill. Stanton Hall, Rosalee, Longwood House.

A portion of the Natchez Garden Club home tour will also be offered in the evening, Sessions said.

“We wanted the house to be flexible,” Sessions said. “They let us know when they would like to take the tour.

Additionally, the Natchez Garden Club’s Spring Pilgrimage of Historic Homes runs March 1 through May 15.

“Each year we see tourists still in town after the pilgrimage is over. means that it will be served to more tourists.

Sessions said he is excited about the different types of homes tourists see.

“From homes like The Gardens to mansions like The Towers, Choctaw and Magnolia Hall,” she said.

Natchez Garden Club has partnered with Little Easy Tours to become a leading provider of Home Tour tickets. Tickets to the Natchez Garden Club home will no longer be available on the Natchez Pilgrimage Tour, Sessions said. However, tickets will still be available through Warren Luthor’s platforms City Sightseeing and Visit Natchez.

“Little Easy Tours has done a great job promoting Natchez Garden Club properties in the past and has sold lots of tickets for this year’s Christmas Homes Tour,” Sessions said.

“What we want is to offer a variety of styles of homes for tourists to see, and also offer a variety of experiences for tourists, such as after-hours events such as candlelight dinners at Magnolia Hall. We are also adding other late afternoon and evening events,” she said.

Tickets for the Pilgrimage Garden Club Spring Pilgrim Houses Tour are available at Natchez Pilgrimage Tours and their website.

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