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Believe it or not, February is just around the corner. Presidents’ Weekend is usually stormy, but there are some relatively calm days in February. I remember the temperature was in the low 70’s for him. And while warmer days are welcome, newbies in the area often think winter is over and yearn to get back to gardening.

I don’t know how long the two feet of snow in my yard will last. It will be cold in early February, and it seems that there is a possibility that it will snow. I am certainly not thinking of landscaping activities at this time. Well, if you can find fallen leaves on the ground and trees, you might pick up fallen branches or branches broken by snow.

My husband will probably wait a little longer and sharpen all the mower blades. He always sharpens, deep cleans and lubricates my pruning tools at the end of winter. The main activity now seems to be snow removal. Of course, I’m also trying to find piles of lumber so I can load them onto wooden racks near my house.

For those craving plant-related activities, try transplanting and pruning houseplants or buying new houseplants. Also, wash all the leaves of all indoor plants or gently dust them with soft lamb’s wool.

The catalog of spring seeds and plants has arrived. I have a friend who peruses her catalog and marks every plant she covets for her garden or garden. Review the plants you thought you couldn’t live without and figure out which ones actually work and which are just a fantasy. She sometimes throws the catalog in the magazine box and forgets to order it all at once.

Some websites suggest waiting until the temperature is consistently in the 50s before working on the soil. It’s also a good idea to wait for the soil to dry out to some extent so you don’t work in mud. Get what you need and you’ll be ready when spring really hits.

JoAnne Skelly is Associate Professor Emeritus and Extension Educator at the University of Nevada Joint Extensions. Her contact is her

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