‘Nursey School Lessons in Gardening’ symposium at Vibrant Arena is Feb. 11

Moline, IL (KWQC) – The University of Illinois Extension will be hosting its 24th Annual Nursery Gardening Lesson on Saturday, February 11 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm at Mark’s Vibrant Arena at 1201 River Drive in Moline To do.

Tracy Jo Mulliken, Program Coordinator for Horticulture and Agriculture at the University of Illinois Extension, invites viewers to inspire and deepen their knowledge of horticulture at Quad Cities’ premier gardening symposium.

Horticultural experts run workshops to share tips, pointers, ideas and information for everyone from novice to experienced gardener.

This year’s event will kick off with a keynote address by renowned prairie ecologist and author, Neil Dibor, president of Prairie Nurseries in Westfield, Wisconsin. He will discuss prairie plants for urban and suburban gardens in the first session starting at 8:45.morning

Following the keynote, participants will choose three additional sessions from nine different topics. Classes are organized by track topic, such as ornamental, edible, and nature. People can choose her one track all or pick and choose. It’s up to each participant.

Registration includes morning coffee and bread, a keynote, lunch, three additional classes, and many merchants and agents selling a variety of garden-inspired gifts, crafts, plants, and resources. Includes access to vendor areas.

Pre-registration is required (walk-ins are not allowed). The fee is $70. Registration closes for her on February 5th. For more information, register at https://go.illinois.edu/NurserySchool2023 or call the University of Illinois extension at (309) 756-9978.

The speakers and topics you can choose from each session are: Note: Class sizes are limited and served on a first-come, first-served basis.

Session 1 10-11am (choose one):

  • (Ornamental) Latest and Possibly Best: Trends for 2023 with Kate Terrell, President of Wallace’s Garden Center. Join Kate for the new trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals waiting for your Midwest garden Check out the preview of.
  • (Edible) Blueberry Boost – Past, Present, and Future with Carol Longley, Illinois Extension Master Gardener, Retired WIU Faculty, Consultant, and Nutritionist. Blueberries are native to North America and can be grown and enjoyed in home gardens. Learn about their history and how they plan, plant, cultivate, maintain and harvest the most delicious and highest quality blueberries. Carol talks about new cultivars and shares her favorite recipe ideas for homemade blueberries.
  • (Nature) Sunflower: The Superhero of University of Illinois Extension Horticultural Educator Emily Swihart. For gardeners, sunflowers are known for their beauty, but they are more than just pretty faces. Explore the impact sunflower has had on global food markets and its potential to help contaminated land recover from industrial use. After participating in this program, you will appreciate these vibrant summer flowers more and want to incorporate some of the new cultivars into your growing space.

Session 2: 11:15am-12:15pm (choose one):

  • (Ornamental) Slow Flowers: Growing cut flowers with University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener Specialist Candace Anderson. The point is to buy ingredients locally, but how about flowers together? Join Candace to learn how to grow a variety of cut flowers in her home garden, the benefits of having cut flowers, and how to tweak them to last longer. We discuss flowers and share tips and tricks to ensure success.
  • (Edible) From April to October 2023, I’m growing vegetables with Bruce Black at the University of Illinois College of Extended Horticulture. Get the most out of your vegetable garden in 2023. Bruce shares his best advice for planning, planting, and garden maintenance throughout the spring, summer, fall and his year.
  • (Nature) Landscaping: For Birds by Chris Enroth of the University of Illinois Extended Horticulture. Attracting birds to your backyard is more than just installing a bird feeder. Chris describes a typical base planting that provides his three things a bird needs: water, shelter and food. Learn to utilize native or well-adapted plants to begin creating landscapes that welcome birds by providing a significant portion of their habitat.

Session 3:1:45-2:45 pm (choose one):

  • (Ornamental) Martha Smith, a retired horticultural educator at Cornell University and the University of Illinois Extension, is interested in colorful conifers. Get ready to add “shock and awe” to your landscape with colorful conifers of all sizes. Did you know that conifers change color with the seasons? This class will show you how to rethink your landscape to bring out the best foliage.
  • (Nature) Genetic Diversity and Plant Conservation by Neil Dibor, Ecologist and President of Prairie Nurseries, Westfield, Wisconsin. We take a deep dive into plant genetics and how they influence recovery and plant selection, and outline the different strategies that different plants have developed for reproduction and adaptation to their environment.
  • (Edibles) Fermentation Fundamentals and Facts with Christine Bogdonus, Extended Nutrition and Wellness Educator, University of Illinois. Once a means of preserving food for the winter, fermentation is becoming increasingly popular for creating foods and beverages with probiotic properties. Check out the demo.

The University of Illinois Extension is located at West 2nd Avenue 321 in Milan. For more information, please contact the Illinois Extension Office at https://extension.illinois.edu/hmrs or call 309-756-9978.

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