‘Oh! My Greens’ Ep. 3: Grab the autumn in Beijing’s hutong garden


Living in a hutong house with your family and having a rooftop garden that soothes your soul is a dream life for many people in Beijing, and Eddie is one of the lucky ones. ants come to drink water, ants cultivate aphids in search of honeydew, and leaf-cutting bees gather leaves to build nests…

The last time I visited Eddie’s Hutong Garden was two summers ago. Late autumn this year, he sent an invitation to Liang Si to enjoy the glorious gifts of nature.

About My Greens

What is a garden? It is a utopia that carries dreams of a better life. It is art that reflects our understanding of beauty. Reconnect with the land. But is that all?

In this series, plant-loving photographer Liang Xi visits 100 people who live with plants to explore why people garden, how they garden, and the stories that surround gardening.

For many:

Official Trailer: “Oh! My Vegetables

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(The cover image was designed by Liu Shaozhen.)

(If you have specific expertise and would like to contribute, please contact nature@cgtn.com.)

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