Olive Garden manager fired after time-off rant: ‘If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to us’

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“One time I literally wrecked at work, my airbag failed and my car was a total wreck, but I got to work on time!” said the manager.

An Olive Garden manager in Johnson County, Kansas, has been fired after he sent a scathing letter to restaurant employees about employees calling out too often.

The author of the note has been confirmed by the company as the manager of a restaurant chain owned by Darden (DRI). The contents of the note were posted on his Reddit, and thousands of commenters voiced their opinions on the rant.

“If you are sick, you have to prove it to us. If your dog dies, you have to bring him in and prove it to us,” the letter read. The author threatened to fire “anyone who makes more than one call in the next 30 days,” adding that he had never “fired” him in more than 11 years at the chain. “One time I literally wrecked at work, my airbag failed and my car was a total wreck, but I got to work on time!” the memo noted.

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The manager, who was not named in the letter or from Olive Garden when announcing the layoffs, began the letter by saying a “staggering” amount of employees had been calling recently.

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“Would you like to stay here until midnight Friday and Saturday? No,” the manager wrote. I don’t. I am dedicated to being here, just like you. No more excuses or complaints.”

A spokesperson for Olive Garden told MarketWatch that the company has fired the manager who sent the letter. “This message is not in line with our company values. We can confirm that you have broken up with this manager,” they said.

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