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If you’re like the winter family, cherry cordials are hanging around your home from now until the new year. Whether at home or on the store shelf, while you’re at Cherry Cordials, remember that the most popular new begonia for 2023 is Surefire His Cherry Cordials.

The name says it all. It has deep chocolate leaves and bright red flowers. Surefire Red has over 26 awards across the country, and Surefire Rose packs a big trophy case too, so ‘Surefire’ will tell you everything you need to know . The Garden Guy and his son James are amazed at how carefree these are in the landscape. A sure begonia is a plant I haven’t observed insects or disease in, and most shocking to me, it doesn’t need to be babysitter for water. I’m back.

Begonia’s Surefire series now comes in 4 colors, including cherry cordial and white. In the south it reaches 2 feet in height and width. In the north it is probably slightly smaller. Whether you have sun, shade, or filtered light, this is the begonia for you, boasting self-cleaning flowers and zero maintenance. Thinking about combinations. I admit I pale in comparison to my son.

My favorite planting combinations were Surefire Red with green foliage in partnership with Heart to Heart Bottle Rocket, Snowdrift Caladium, Diamond Snow Euphorbia, Color Guard Yucca, and Unplugged Saw Blue Salvia. It became an eye candy. There is a magical affinity between Heart to Heart Caladium and Surefire Begonia.

Proven Winners’ online promotional information introduces the new Heart to Heart Scarlet Flame Caladium and Surefire Cherry Cordial in a mixed container debuting in 2023. The design is simple yet breathtaking. Son James took advantage of this opportunity by mixing Superbells his Grape Punch her Calibrachoa and Super Tunia Mini Vista White Petunia Thriller, Surefire his Cherry Cordial his Begonia in her container.

What all plants have in common is that they are planted in well-drained soil. Some beds contain more organic matter than others, but performance is solid on all of them. Drainage was definitely a factor in what we put back in after the winter.

We recommend placing Surefire begonias 12 to 18 inches apart. To reach your true potential, maintain consistent hydration and nutrition throughout the long summer. Not many plants bloom continuously for more than 200 days. This is a solid reason why you should incorporate them into your landscaping in 2023.

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