PHF Power Rankings: Holiday Break

The PHF holiday break has arrived. As of today’s date, 30 games have been played, 184 goals scored and his four clean sheets posted by goalkeepers. Three of them belong to her Corrine Schroeder. It’s been a wild ride so far, and that only explains what happened on the ice.

Fans following the first chapter of the 2022-23 season will know they haven’t seen as many Buffalo Beats and Connecticut Whales as the rest of the pack as winter storms disrupted their schedules. But right now, all teams are at a stage where they’re playing at least half a dozen games. That’s his quarter of a 24-game season. This is a reasonable sample size to use. And with a pause until the new year, it’s the perfect time to see where all seven of his PHF teams stand.


  1. Toronto Six | 22 Points | 7-1-2
  2. Boston Pride | 19 Points | 7-2-0
  3. Minnesota Whitecaps | 14 Points | 4-4-2
  4. Metropolitan Riveter | 11 Points | 4-6-0
  5. Connecticut Whale | 10 Points | 3-3-1
  6. Montreal Force | 10 Points | 4-4-0
  7. Buffalo Beets | 4 Points | 1-4-1

I can’t help but notice that only three teams, Toronto, Boston, and Montreal, are actually .500 hockey or better. Also, remember that regulation wins are more important than OT or shootout wins. Currently, he leads Toronto with his six wins in 60 minutes. The Buffalo Boats are leading the pack with one regulation win in 6GP.

Now that we’ve confirmed our standings, let’s enter the Power Rankings.

power ranking

pride [1]

That’s right, I said it.

Boston is ahead of Toronto because the Pride are shorthanded most nights and they are the reigning champions. At full strength, they’re the best this league has to offer, they’ve only lost to him twice and play like they’re competitive no matter who they’re up against. I refuse to underestimate this group.

Six [2]

The Six have been sensational so far, led by rookie Brittany Howard who has scored 12 goals in 10 GPs. That is correct. A dozen goals in 10 games.

But the real number we want to highlight here is Toronto’s +15 EV target difference. That number, in my opinion, is the strongest case for the Six to deserve the top spot in the power rankings against Boston, although of course Toronto’s Pride match on Nov. 27 will also be his 7-3, It’s just one game for him. I’m more concerned with the quality of play in all his 10 games for Toronto.

I’m not sure Toronto can keep up the pace — they’re making 12.06% overall — but the team has a formidable group of forwards, a great goalkeeping tandem, and Kati Tabin quietly I know you are playing. Blue line all-star. Did you know Toronto ends his season as a regular at home with a final weekend series against Pride?Yeah, circle those games on your calendar.

white caps [3]

It’s hard to believe that a team of this talent started the year with a four-game losing streak, but Minnesota is starting to turn things around. The whitecaps are now 4-4-2 and, as we all expected, have relied on Amanda Reveille after running out of words.Minnesota have great powerplays, erratic penalties her kills, – Has a goal difference of 1 EV.

Jonah Albers, Sidney Morin and Natalie Snodgrass are tearing up in the offensive zone, but the collapse of the defense in front of Lev leaves much to be desired. I need to find a way to keep the blue line at a more even intensity to make life easier.

whale [4]

My pick for this year’s ranking is 3-3-1 in their first seven games. yes.

You see, the whale was out of luck. I know, I know—but just listen. I have the numbers and the words for you because that’s what I do. Whales have the worst PP% in the league (11.1), the worst Sh% in the league (7.48), and the highest average shot differential in the league (+6.86). There are many signs that things are getting better in Connecticut. This team isn’t going to finish the season below .500. it won’t happen.

It was great to see Caitrin Lonergan score the first and second PHF goals and Meeri Räisänen lead his team to victory on 18 December just before the break. This 6–4 win of his was the first time the Whales had surpassed his three goals in one game this season. Recall that the whale’s average GF/GP for 2021-22 is his 3.7 and, if anything, his offense is better in theory this year. We haven’t seen the best of whales, but currently the best spot they can claim in my power rankings is #4.

riveters [5]

The Riveters beat Whale and the Six (twice), but are 5th in my power rankings due to a -5 EV goal difference and the league’s worst 6 regulation loss. There are also some questions about the consistency of this team, but with a new coach and so many new faces, we should have hoped for that.

Luckily, today’s Riv is better than the Riv, who started the season on November 6 when they were shut out by the Boston Pride. Head Coach Ben Lahovi’s team has effective power plays, at least two lines where he can score, and the best group of defenders this team has had in years. There’s also the recent addition of star goalkeeper Katie Bart.

Sara Bujold is a star, Kelly Babstock is getting her groove back, and the connection between Packer and Pelke is heating up. This is a team going in the right direction, at least for now.

force [6]

500 hockey in the break. That being said, this team definitely surprised me.

There’s no other way to say this — Montreal plays beautiful hockey. Force has incredible puck movement when he’s rolling, making him one of the most engaging teams. More importantly, they play a tight game. They have a goal difference of -1 and an EV goal difference of -2 after 8 GPs. Montreal are two goals behind and he has only one loss. This is an impressive start for any expansion team.

That said, the Force have yet to play Toronto and Boston. They are also the only team to lose to Buffalo Buttes, who some might think is unfair for a 3-3-0 team.

The Beats [7]

Buffalo has a -9 EV goal difference after 6 GPs, the worst record in the league. I would like to believe the Beauts, but they are the most provable team right now.

The good news for Buffalo fans is that the Blue Line is scoring, the power play is vastly improved over last year, and Mikira Grant-Mentis is doing what she brought here. The bad news is that Beauts needs more depth scoring and needs Kassidy Sauvé to get and stay fit. The fate of the Beauts feels tied to what happens to their star his goalie. Buffalo currently has a Team Sv% of .885. This is a troubling number if you’re in the business of winning hockey games.

As I said before the season, if I had signed the check as PHF general manager, I would have set aside some cash to sign a third goalkeeper. The Beauts are lucky to have Hoffmann at camp. Hopefully, this extended break will give them time to lick their blemishes and smooth out any pimples or creases in their entry points.

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