Popular landmark Crockett Gardens Falls partially collapsed

At the time of writing, it was unclear what caused the collapse. But officials with the Army Corps of Engineers, the governing body that governs Georgetown Lake, where Crockett Garden is located, said frigid temperatures likely caused the accident.

“It’s a unique location on our trail, but I can only assume that the area is a natural feature and the frigid temperatures we experienced caused the sections to separate. Mother Nature is in control as well,” the organization said. told KXAN in a statement. “This area is part of the wildlife area around the lake and will continue to be open to the public. Remember, caution should always be exercised in cliff areas and around the environment, such areas.”

Since Tuesday’s announcement, many people across the state have expressed sadness over the news, while others shared their happiest memories at the beloved once-flowing structure in central Texas.

Scott Blank, a lake administrator for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, told the Austin American Statesman that the spring still flows over part of the escarpment, part of which remains intact.

Additionally, Blank expects the moss to “probably grow well enough” to make the famous Georgetown landmark “look intriguing enough.”

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