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Browse 517 wood sorrel stock photos and images available, or search for fern or leaf to find more great stock photos and pictures. close up of a bunch of green clover - wood sorrel stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. irish white shamrock (oxalis regnellii) - wood sorrel stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Violet Wood Sorrel is a low-lying (4), shy native with small, bell-shaped violet flowers that become white with greenish lines near the blossom's throat. Leaves and blossoms both open up to the sun, the latter exposing bright yellow anthers, and then fold with shade. Three oval-heart leaflets comprise each leaf Native to North America, Oxalis violacea (Violet Wood Sorrel) is a bulbous perennial boasting lavender to pinkish-purple flowers adorned with greenish throats from mid spring to early summer. The charming blossoms are borne in clusters of 4-19 flowers at the end of slender stems. They rise above the beautiful foliage of green clove-like leaves which is reddish-purple underneath Violet wood sorrel was first described for science in 1753 by the Swedish father of modern biological taxonomy Carl von Linne (Linnaeus). Wood Sorrel Recipes Medicinal tea: To 1 heaping tbsp. fresh or 1 tsp. dry herb add 1 cup liquid, may be infused with water or boiled in milk Although, Violet Wood Sorrel is native to a lot of the US (according to the USDA Plants Database) it is possible that the other comments refer to Broadleaf Wood Sorrel, Oxalis latifolia. Certainly the photos posted are of this species and not Oxalis violacea

The Violet and Yellow Wood Sorrels are close relatives, the color being the primary difference. The Yellow Wood Sorrel produces a yellow flower and the Violet Wood Sorrel produces a pink or purple flower. The two species share other similar characteristics such as the flower shape, size and leaves The flowers of wood sorrels and clovers are also completely different, as you can see in the photos below. Yellow wood sorrel and creeping wood sorrel have delicate yellow flowers with 5 petals, while clover flowers have more of a pom-pom shape. Oxalis acetosella flowers are white with pink streaks. Other species have violet or pink flowers Wild violets (Viola papilionacea, Viola sororia, Viola pubescens, and other species) are a close relative of violas, pansies, and other garden flowers.While some people view this plant as a fine wildflower, others regard it as a stubborn perennial lawn weed.Wild violets can be removed by hand, especially if you regularly inspect your lawn to control the plant before it spreads View photos of the edible plant Oxalis violacea (Violet wood sorrel), profiled in the Wild Edible Series: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Caution: I've found the bulbs of Oxalis violacea to be particularly acrid (oxalates). They should be simmered and rinsed prior to consumption. Sorrels found in Texas are comprised of three types: A.

Facts. Violet wood sorrel grows on ridges and rocky slopes under a partially open forest canopy, and is very rare in New England. A handful of populations may be found in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont, but most of the occurrences are historic Violet Wood Sorrel. Oxalis violacea Canon EOS 5D Mark III 1/80s f/4.0 at 100.0mm iso1600 full exif. other sizes: small medium original auto. previous | next: share Type your message and click Add Comment: It is best to or register first but you may post as a guest. Enter an optional name and contact email address.. Violet wood sorrel (Oxalis violacea): Full sun to part shade. Upland prairies, savannas, woodlands. Well-drained soils. Up to 16 inches tall. Propagate by division when plants go summer-dormant. Mid to late spring for flowers. Fruits edible, but high in oxalic acid. Birds love them

Noteworthy Characteristics. Oxalis violacea, commonly called violet wood sorrel, is a common Missouri native wildflower which occurs state-wide in dryish, acidic soils on glades, rocky open woods, fields and prairies.A bulbous, stemless perennial typically growing 4-8 tall in which the long-stemmed leaves and longer, leafless flower stalks rise directly from the bulb Violet Wood Sorrel. 3 Photos. Summary. Oxalis violacea is a spring flowering bulb that goes dormant in summer and then reappears with a surprise second bloom in the fall. This delicate ephemeral plant features attractive clover-like grey-green leaves with purplish mottling and undersides. The 5-petaled flowers are lavender to purplish-pink on 4. Beautiful Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea) Wildflowers in Soft Filtered Light in the Forest of East Texas Rumex acetosella, commonly known as red sorrel, sheep& x27;s sorrel, field sorrel and sour weed plant Oxalis, also known as wood sorrel, is a perennial weed that is often mistaken for clover. It is easily distinguished from clover by the 3 heart-shaped leaflets found on top of each long stalk (or petiole) and 5-petaled yellow flowers that bloom from spring through summer. Oxalis can grow to be 4 to 12 inches tall and thrives in full sun or shade

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Common Names: Violet Wood Sorrel Photos. Click on each picture to display the larger, higher-resolution image. All photographs are copyrighted by their photographers. Oxalis violacea - small cluster at the edge of Lake Overstreet among Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Violet Wood Sorrel is a herbaceous perennial native to North America. It grows to about 6 tall with grayish green leaves and little violet-pink bell shaped flowers with greenish-white centers and bright yellow anthers. The plant spreads by runners from little bulbs beneath the soil. The flowers attract bees, small butterflies and skippers Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the violetwoodsorrel Flickr tag Wood sorrel has a tart, lemon-like flavor and goes well with meat and fish. Or try our wood sorrel tart recipe. Wood sorrel tea Ingredients. 1 tablespoon fresh wood sorrel leaves, flowers, and/or seed pods; 1 cup water; Instructions. Boil water, pour over fresh woods sorrel and let steep for up to a half hour. Strain, sweeten to taste, and. Violet Wood Sorrel is a delicate plant with clover-like, heart-shaped leaves and showy purple flowers. Although its name would suggest otherwise, this is a prairie plant that prefers full to partial sun. It is slow to grow at first, but will spread rapidly once established. Its flower attract a wide range of bees and are visited by the occasional butterfly

Download Wood sorrel images and photos. Over 2,266 Wood sorrel pictures to choose from, with no signup needed. Download in under 30 seconds. Isolated on white background Pictures by spline 0 / 0 Violet wood-sorrel flowers Picture by ARTS 0 / 0 Wood-sorrel (Oxalis acetosella). Leaves and bulbs of violet wood-sorrel were used by Native Americans for medicinal and food purposes. Habitat & Range Open, dry woods and shaded banks Violet Wood Sorrel. Oxalis violacea Canon EOS 5D Mark III 1/15s f/8.0 at 100.0mm iso1600 full exif. other sizes: small medium original auto. previous | next: share Type your message and click Add Comment: It is best to or register first but you may post as a guest. Enter an optional name and contact email address..

Wood sorrel is a creeping perennial that grows up to 38 centimeters in height and can be recognized by its small heart-shaped leaves that cluster in groups of three on a single stem. The leaves are green with light purple pigmentation on the underside of the leaves, Wood sorrel has 5-petaled bright yellow or occasionally white flowers Violet Wood-sorrel. Click or hover over the thumbnails to see larger pictures. USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database / Britton, N.L., and A. Brown. 1913 pnd_iovi_001_lvd . JK Marlow jkm120325_836. March McCormick County SC. Stevens Creek Heritage Preserve. JK Marlow jkm120325_836b. March McCormick County SC. Aug 18, 2017 - Explore Melanie Martin's board Wood Sorrel, followed by 268 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about wood sorrel, wild edibles, edibles weed Find Violet Wood Sorrel Oxalis Violacea Perennial stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day

Violet Wood Sorrel in a rock outcrop; Violet Wood Sorrel in open woods; goat prairie full of Violet Wood Sorrel; back of leaves can turn purplish; developing fruit; atypical white flowered plants; Photos by K. Chayka taken at Strandness Prairie, Pope County, and Interstate State Park, Chisago County. Photos by Peter M. Dziuk taken at Whitewater. Wikimedia Commons. Summary [ edit] DescriptionAPI English: Original title: Violet Wood Sorrel - Ionoxalis violacea (Linnaeus) Small - Plate 121a Current accepted name: Oxalis violacea â L. Common names: Violet wood-sorrel, Violet woodsorrel, Purple woodsorrel Date 1918 Source Wild Flowers of New York Part 1, University of the State of New York. Last week, Marla sent these stunning images of the hundreds of wood sorrel in bloom near cliffs in the same park. Lora Conrad shared a few views of violet wood sorrel from Van Buren County. For comparison, Lora sent some pictures of yellow wood sorrel (Oxalis stricta), a related plant which is Largely considered a weedy native

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Picture Archives - Album 731 (Mercer Arboretum - College Station, Texas, April 5 - 8, 2009) - Photo 13 (Violet wood sorrel (shamrock, Oxalis violacea?) in Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Humble (Houston area), Texas, April 5, 2009 Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea) Description: This perennial plant is up to 6 tall. It consists of a small cluster of trifoliate basal leaves on long petioles that emerge directly from the ground. The petioles of the basal leaves are up to 4 long; they are whitish green to pale reddish green, terete, glabrous, and rather delicate in. Wood sorrel is a troublesome weed that is difficult to control, especially in mild climates were it blooms year-round. The weed spreads through seeds and by horizontal stems that take root where. Woodland Wildflower identification guide. The flowers are arranged in blocks of 8 and roughly in the order in which they first come into bloom. To find out lots more about each of these flowers you will need to consult my book, Woodland Wildflowers by Alan Waterman, available from all good booksellers including Amazon, Blackwells, Waterstones. Violet Woodsorrel blooming in Allegany Co., Maryland (5/22/2015). Photo by Kimberly Booth. ( MBP list) A patch of young Violet Woodsorrel at Schooley Mill Park in Howard Co., Maryland (5/10/2014). Photo by Nancy Magnusson. ( MBP list) Violet Woodsorrel in Harford Co., Maryland (5/13/2018)

#39: Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea) @plantladylin says, Violet Wood Sorrel is a herbaceous perennial native to North America. It grows to about 6 tall with grayish green leaves and little violet-pink bell shaped flowers with greenish-white centers and bright yellow anthers. The plant spreads by runners from little bulbs beneath the soil Description : Violet wood sorrel is an 4 ″ to 6 ″ tall, erect, perennial forb rising from a scaly, underground bulb.. There is no central stem. The leaves are all basal. They are on purplish, usually hairless, sometimes hairy, up to 4 ″ long leaf stalks. They are palmately divided into three leaflets Violet wood sorrel False Solomon's Seal We had thought that the Sitton Gulch Trail was a choice for the next day, as it traced along the creek further down the valley, but since it also incorporated the same 600 stairs at the start, we opted for the West Rim Trail along the top of the mountain instead

Violet Wood Sorrel (Image 212146) Violet Wood Sorrel (Image 32834) Common Blue Violet (Image 79164) Common Blue Violet (Image 53476) Common Blue Violet (Image 55109) Common Blue Violet (Image 55419) Common Blue Violet (Image 55856) Common Blue Violet (Image 76391) Common Blue Violet (Image 77375) Common Blue Violet (Image 77390 The Violet wood-sorrel ''Oxalis violacea'', the violet wood-sorrel, is a perennial plant and herb in the Oxalidaceae family. ''Oxalis'' species are also known as sour grass, sour trefoil, and shamrock Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea) in dew blooming at fall without leaves in Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site. Washington, Texas, October 20, 2013/2017/2112/25.htm simila Paynter, Wilmington, April 22, 2012. Leaves. A colonial species, often in fairly dense patches. Orange County, NC. Bettina Darveaux. Close-up of flowers. Garden in Orange County, NC. Bettina Darveaux. The top of the leaves can sometimes have purple variegation

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The common wood sorrel ( O. acetosella) of eastern North America and Great Britain is a small, stemless plant with cloverlike three-parted leaves. The leaves arise from a creeping, scaly rootstock, and the flowers are borne singly on a stalk that arises from the leaf axil. The flowers have five white, purple-veined petals Please tap on pictures to enlarge. Jack-in-the-pulpit. Nodding Trillium . Trout Lilly. Large White Trillium. Large Leaf Toothwort. Cut-leaved Toothwort. Yellow Lady Slipper Orchid. Marsh Marigold. Indian Pipe. Jewelweed. Heal-All. Violet Wood Sorrel. Eastern Red Columbine. Doll Eyes. Star Flower. For-get-me-not. Quaker Ladies. Common Blue. 5. Wood Sorrel Wood sorrel flower. Wood sorrel flowers are also somewhat small but their delicious sourness makes them great as a trail nibble, in salads, on seafoods, and any other food you might season with lemon. The flowers can be yellow, pink, or white. 6. Black Locust Black locust flowers. If you blink, you'll miss the black locust bloom Iowa is home to three native Oxalis species - the violet wood sorrel (Oxalis violacea, pictured), the yellow wood sorrel (Oxalis stricta) and the southern wood sorrel (Oxalis dillenii). You'll find the first two statewide and likely will recognize Oxalis stricta as the little yellow clover plants that dot your lawn

Start studying Miško augalai skirtingo aukščio. Krūmai, žolės. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools April showers bring May flowers. Like these. Tiny violet wood sorrel blossoms, on the... East Decatur Greenway DeKalb County (Winnona Park), Georgia, USA. 2 May 2021. *************** Violet wood-sorrel (Oxalis violacea) is a native plant in much of the United States, from the Rocky Mountains east to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico coasts, and through Eastern Canada. It has a tendency to.

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  1. Oxalidaceae - Wood-sorrel family Violet Wood-sorrel Oxalis violacea Flower 1/2-3/4 wide closes at dusk. Leaves are like 3-leaf clover and fold down at dusk. This plant grows from a bulb and will bloom until frost if kept moist. Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, April 2005 (Transplanted, native of Texas, but not of my area) Variatio
  2. Easy Plants that Grow in Deep Shade. This list was from Hubert Ling's webinar Super Native Plants For Deep Shade And Dark Recesses Plants in deep shade will not grow as fast or large as if grown under ideal conditions. Ferns. Scientific Name. Common Name
  3. Violet Wood-Sorrel (Oxalis violacea), Old Salem, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, NC, 4/27/19 Violet Wood-sorrell ( Oxalis violacea ), Durham, NC, 4/23/21 Passion Flower (Passifloraceae) family, Rosanae superorde
  4. OverviewCode created in: 1996-10-28. Basic information. EPPO Code: OXACB. Preferred name: Oxalis debilis var. corymbosa. Authority: (de Candolle) Lourteig. Notes. Brazil, Argentina. Cultivated as an ornamental and widely naturalized. WSSA list of weeds in North America

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  1. wood avens (Geum canadense) wood betony (Pedicularis canadensis) wood betony, swamp (Pedicularis lanceolata) wood lily (Lilium philadelphicum var. andinum) wood sorrel, purple (Oxalis violacea) wood sorrel, violet (Oxalis violacea) woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca subsp. americana) woolly beach heather (Hudsonia tomentosa)
  2. Etymology: Oxalis: from the Greek oxus for sour, referring to the pleasantly sour taste of the leaves and stem Plants: erect, perennial, 4-6 tall forb Leaves: 3-parted, alternate; hairless Flowers: pink to violet veined with purple, 5-parted, 3/4-1 1/4 wide, held much above the leaves; inflorescence with more than 1 flower per stem in an umbel-like cluster; blooms April-Jun
  3. Downloads Miinaka Free Images : flower, pink, violet, leaf, petal, beauty, nature, spring, green, purple, terrestrial plant, magenta, herbaceous plant, annual plant.
  4. Primula veris and our native Viola sororia last night in #meadownord. A perfect little #spring vignette soon to be joined by another native Oxalis violacea (violet wood sorrel). #planting #newnaturalism #plantswithstyle #plantcommunity #plantcombinations #mygarden #threeoaksgarden #morethantur
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Also known as Wood Sorrel is another perennial plant that is becoming more common in homeowners yards. This plant is easiest to recognize when it flowers, the most common variety has bright yellow flowers but there is also a variety that has pink/lavender flowers. All varieties have cup-shape flowers with 5 petals Yellow Wood Sorrel, Oxalis europaea, is an introduced species here in Pennsylvania and it's native to Europe. There is also a pink flowering species, called Violet Wood Sorrel, Oxalis violacea, that I have not seen growing wild in our area of Pennsylvania. Small yellow oxalis came up through cracks between flagstones Yellow wood sorrel (common yellow oxalis) is a cool season perennial and it's a part of the Oxalidaceae family. It looks a lot like clover/black medic and it's fairly easy to recognize. The leaf has a very light shade of green, it's got trifoliates with heart shaped leaves that have a sour taste and sometimes get added to salads With white wood-sorrel and violet. Extract of a poem by Edith Nesbit Wood Sorrel Images. Foraging for Wood Sorrel. If you take a look at the wood sorrel images above, you'll see that they've got distinctive trefoil leaves. This merely means that the leaf itself has three leaflets. A characteristic it shares with clover Common Wood-Sorrel Violet Wood-Sorrel Yellow Wood-Sorrel Mossy Stonecrop/Wallpepper Wild Stonecrop False Heather/Hudsonia/Poverty Grass Frostweed Grooved Yellow Flax Great St. Johnswort Shrubby St. Johnswort Common St. Johnswor

How to Grow Oxalis Plants in your Garden Guide to Growing Wood Sorrel, False Shamrock, Sourgrass. The Oxalis genus includes the False Shamrock and Wood Sorrel.. They range in height from 5 cm to 30 cm (2 to 12 inches). This makes them ideal for growing in rock gardens or close to the edges of crazy paving Wood Sorrel vector images, illustrations, and clip art. View %{phrase} images. Seamless pattern with oxalis triangularis leaves Seamless pattern with oxalis triangularis violet leaves in hand drawn style on light background wood sorrel stock illustrations. Sketch of Medicinal Herbs Set. Wood Sorrel (Oxalis acetosella) drawings Yellow sorrel is a perennial weed that grows across the U.S. but thrives in the most fertile of soil. That said, it can grow in nearly any conditions, but unfavorable soils will result in a smaller, weaker plant. How to Control Yellow Wood Sorrel. As with many low-growing weeds, a healthy lawn is the first step in preventing yellow wood sorrel

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  1. s A and C. Other species may be white or yellow
  2. 'Stalking the Violet Wood Sorrel' may not rise to the same level of excitement as 'Searching for the City of the Monkey God' or 'Hunting Lions and Leopards'. Still, it may resonate with a few of us 'plant nuts' and get additional attention and research
  3. You can also find pictures of sheep sorrel dock, sorrel leaves, wood sorrel, sorrel horse. picsearch. English (US) Sorrel, WoodSorrel or Sourflower Oxalis dilenii Oxalis violacea - Violet wood Sorrels ( Oxalis violacea ) surrounded by poison ivy ( Toxicodendron.

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Creeping woodsorrel, Oxalis corniculata, is a weed species that occurs in many parts of the world. In California it usually grows below the 2,500-foot elevation level and frequently appears in lawns, flower beds, gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses. A related species, Bermuda buttercup, O. pes-caprae, is a South African native that grows in. Find the perfect woodsorrel stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

The parts used are the leaves, tender stems and flowers, and the seed pods in spring in salads, pies (like rhubarb) and quiches. The dried herb can be mixed half-and-half with peppergrass as an excellent salt substitute. You may recognize this plant as sheep sorrel or sheep shire from your childhood Violet Wood Sorrel (Oxalis violacea), tallgrass prairie, Minnesota. - Jim Brandenbur

Common Name: violet wood sorrel *Description of RTE & NWI Status If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Jessica M. Budke or Margaret Oliver Tiny violet wood sorrel flowers blossom on the East Decatur Greenway, in DeKalb County, Georgia, USA. 2 May 2021. Violet wood-sorrel (Oxalis violacea) is a native plant in much of the United States, from the Rocky Mountains east to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico coasts, and through Eastern Canada

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  1. Weed of the Month: Yellow Wood-Sorrel By Joni Blackburn | April 2, 2019 As small children, my siblings and I considered yellow wood-sorrel (Oxalis stricta) to be a tart treat worth searching for on hands and knees through the lush, trackless lawn of our backyard.When one of us discovered the rangy green plant, which we called sourgrass, we'd gather like lambs to nibble the shamrock-shaped.
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  3. Edible Weeds List. Use the links at the bottom of this page to navigate these edible weeds (listed in alphabetical order). Each weed can be identified by its flowers, leaves, height, stem and habitat. To support our efforts please check out our wild food store (books and PDF magazines)
  4. Display as Images Show Taxa Alphabetically violet wood-sorrel. Petasites frigidus var. palmatus. northern sweet-colt's-foot. Phlox bifida subsp. bifida. ten-point phlox. Phlox divaricata subsp. laphamii. woodland phlox. Phlox pilosa. hairy wood violet
  5. t or Common mountain
  6. Violet Wood-Sorrel (Old Salem) Pink Wood-Sorrel (Old Salem) Purple Bedstraw (Galium latifolium) Rosebush (Old Salem) Seven-spotted Ladybug Beetle (Old Salem) Silver-spotted Skipper: Violets: Star-of-Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) Please contact for rights to use photos

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All species: images. Browse by family Yellow Rattle Yellow Skunk Cabbage Yellow Star of Bethlehem Yellow Toadflax Yellow Water-lily Yellow Wood Anemone Yellow Wood Sorrel Yellow Wood Violet Yellow-flowered Teasel Zigzag Clover. Violet Wood Sorrel Oxalis violacea . Virginia Bluebells Mertensia virginica. Virginia Waterleaf Hydrophyllum virginianum. Water Parsnip Sium suave . Western Ironweed Vernonia fasciculata. White Doll's Aster, False Aster Boltonia asteroides. White Prairie Clover Petalostemum candidum (Dalea candida And what a joy that has been. Seeing its spring treasures, such as the hoary puccoon and this violet wood sorrel, has been a consolation. I stop for a moment at a drift of violet wood sorrel; then think about how its flowers and leaves fold together at night and in cloudy weather. Its tiny, shamrock leaves remind me of origami. Just off the. VIOLET WOOD SORREL. Phacelia bipinnatifida. FERN-LEAVED PHACELIA. Mertensia virginica. Krigia biflora. VIRGINIA BLUEBELLS. Lithospermum canescens. HOARY PUCCOONTWAYBLADE ORCHID. VIRGINIA PENNYWORT Nothoscordum bivalve. FALSE GARLIC Phacelia purshii. Mitella diphylla. BISHOP'S CAPFALSE DANDELION. JACOB'S LADDER. 3. Liparis liliifoli Violet Draperia (24) Violet False-gilia (16) Violet False-gilyflower (16) Violet Helleborine (7) Violet Limodore (5) Violet Prairie Clover (19) Violet Prairie-clover (5) Violet Prickly Pear (1) Violet Pricklypear (3) Violet Sage (1) Violet Snapdragon (9) Violet Twining Snapdragon (8) Violet Wild Petunia (7) Violet Wood Sorrel (10) Violet Wood.

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Violet wood synonyms, Violet wood pronunciation, Violet wood translation, English dictionary definition of Violet wood. a name given to several kinds of hard purplish or reddish woods, as king wood, myall wood, and the wood of the Andira violacea, a tree of Guiana One of the most frequent requests we get at plant sales and conferences is for a list of our native plants. We have now assembled a list of the natives we currently offer -- more than 500 overall -- and we're posting it here to make it available to all our visitors Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, May 2004 (Native of Texas - Taylor, Coleman, Brown, Coke) See similar Violet Wood-sorrel. Similar Species. Hairy Wood-sorrel (White Wood-sorrel, Radishroot Wood-sorrel) Oxalis albicans Varied: flower can be pale yellow or dark, or have red center. Flower bud: yellow or pink to red. Stems green or red

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Photos. A few of my nature photos. Most of these were taken at Couchville Cedar Glade or Long Hunter State Park, or in my yard. (Click on photos to enlarge.) Tennessee Coneflowers at Couchville Cedar Glade. Eastern Newt at Long Hunter State Park. Prickly Pear Cactus - Couchville Cedar Glade Collections Manager, Margaret Oliver UT Herbarium, Temple Hall 1818 Andy Holt Blvd. Knoxville TN 37996-2800 ()Phone: 865-974-6213 • Email: molive18@utk.edu Follow us on User photos of the walk. Bluebell woods, fields, valleys and nature reserves on the London/Surrey border. Saturday Walkers Club SWC. Walks. Map Day walks Short walks Long distance paths. Wood sorrel (violet flowers), Ledgers Wood. 21-Apr-15 • Sean O'Neill . swcwalk43, swcwalks, walkicon. Frith Wood For that reason, I looked forward to this April and I wasn't disappointed. I will admit that I probably should have split 2021 into two blogs, but too late now. I saw a lot of wildflowers I see annually, but the cover photo, a Fire Pink, I haven't seen in four years! Well, with that on to my favorite Wildflower Photos of April..

June 25 Column: Dealing with Weeds - Susan's in the GardenOxalis debilis varWeed of the week: Oxalis - Lawn Pride