Recreational trail opens at Selby Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota Campus

A new Multi-Use Recreation Trail (MURT) has opened along the perimeter of the downtown Sarasota campus in Selby Gardens. The 800 linear foot MURT will provide pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, and others safe access to the campus, as well as safe access to the Sarasota Bayfront from areas south and east of the gardens.

Jennifer O. Rominiecki, President and CEO of Selby Gardens, said: “MURT allows our guests to safely and conveniently walk or bike to campus. In addition, our entire community provides multimodal connectivity to Sarasota’s Bayfront and beyond.”

A paved trail runs along the north and east boundaries of Selby Gardens, along Mound Street/US 41 to the north and South Orange Avenue to the east. The pathway widens the former sidewalk that adjoined the Selby Gardens campus, running up to 12 feet wide on Orange Avenue and adding width at Mound Street. Can be used for walking, jogging, cycling, inline skating, etc.

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