Residences at River Club planned on State St. in Garden City, ID

The focus is on future plans for the River Club golf course on State Street in Garden City. The changes will bring hundreds of apartments, townhomes, retail stores and parking lots to part of the course that runs along the busy highway.

In 2018, California-based Grass Creek purchased the golf course then known as The Plantation and said it had no development plans at the time. Grass Creek has now sold the course to Dallas-based Lincoln Property Company, but upon completion of the project, Grass Creek will regain control of the golf course.

Lincoln Properties has submitted a multi-stage application to Garden City for a project called The Residences at River Club.

apartments, retail

LPC West senior vice president Trever Nicoll said he hopes Boise’s Bown Crossing will evolve in quality and tone.

“We want to create a community hub for people to hang out with their families. It’s a high-end residential, transit-oriented development,” he said. “There will be a mix of over 55 market-priced apartments and townhomes.”

Unlike Bown Crossing, which has fewer condos, this project will add quite a few apartments.

The proposed layout of the residence at The River Club in Garden City. State St. runs along the top of the graphic. Via CRTKL

The conceptual master plan calls for over 700 apartment and townhome rentals built in multiple stages.

The project is set to coincide with the work of the Ada County Highway District to realign Pierce Park Street, expand and reconfigure State Street, and provide new bus rapid transit lanes. ACHD work has taken up swaths of land along the state and Grass Creek has previously said the course needs to be reconfigured to accommodate the missing holes.

This restructuring will not only revamp the layout of the golf course, but will also develop over 20 acres of the 122-acre course.

Adds a set of 5 apartment buildings, 4-5 stories tall, arranged around an above-ground parking lot.

The existing Plantation Way providing access to the course will be closed and a new entrance will line up into the new Pierce Park. A set of 45 to 60 three story townhomes will be in the area closest to existing singles. -Family neighborhood.

A rough sketch of the transition from an apartment complex to a golf course, with a “beautiful groove” in between. Via CRTKL

The area will include nearby retail space, which Nicol said will total between 25,000 and 30,000 square feet.

“The planned pedestrian activity center will provide residents and others with a quality walkable destination for shopping, events, entertainment and dining opportunities,” said the LPC. I wrote it on my application. “The place will serve as a gathering place with outdoor seating for the community and offer new retail merchandise. There is a wide sidewalk for dining.Parking is at the back and there is a walkway to the front door of the building.”

LPC hopes to open an existing buried creek with new riparian vegetation and pond-like water features near the River Club clubhouse between the proposed apartments and the reconfigured golf course. I’m in.

road ahead

Plantation Country Club Boise
State Street will be reconfigured and extended at Pierce Park Ln. Along his 10th fairway at Plantation Country Club.Photo: Don Day/Boisedev

The project will be built in at least three phases, starting with the new south section of Pierce Park Lynn. Continue east, according to the application.

To proceed, LPC needs to get some approvals from Garden City. Zoning now allows his six single-family homes per acre. The Residences at River Club project will seek approval for a specific area plan that allows up to 40 units per acre.

The Plantation Neighborhood neighborhood group hired former Idaho Lieutenant Governor David Leroy. The group said it would be “significantly impacted” by the project, and Leroy wrote to Garden City Mayor John Evans expressing concern about the processes and problems he was seeing competing with the Garden City Code. bottom.

Neighbors have expressed concerns about what they call loss of open space, traffic and density.

The project will be heard at an upcoming meeting of the Garden City Planning and Zoning Commission. No official date has been posted yet.

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