Rumson Garden Club’s Christmas Holiday Greens Workshop Delivers Cheer

January 9, 2023

Get cheered up at Lam Son Garden Club’s Christmas Holiday Green Workshop

Rumson Garden Club Christmas Green Event Co-Chairs Stephanie Hoyt, Kathleen O’Neill and Heather Robinson

The Rumson Garden Club (RGC), a member club of the Garden Club of America, held its 92nd Annual Christmas Holiday Green Workshop at Bingham Hall in Rumson on December 3rd. Members worked to create over 100 festive wreaths and arrangements to spread holiday cheer and help local nonprofits decorate the halls.

The list of organizations receiving these evergreen gifts this year includes Lunch Break, Monmouth County Boys and Girls Club of Red Bank, Alea Rehabilitation Center, Parker Family Clinic, LOVE Inc., Allen House/Monmouth Historical Society and Sandy. was included. Hook History House, Oceanic Library, Meridian Health Care Center, Monmouth Day Care Center, Monmouth County Junior League, Lamson Fire Department and more.

The Christmas Green Workshop is a tradition the first weekend of December. “Our members look forward to fulfilling this wonderful mission each year,” said “They love creating gorgeous arrangements and wreaths that bring smiles to everyone they reach with this project.”

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