SCAPA students to perform ‘The Secret Garden’

LEXINGTON, KY (LEX 18) — SCAPA students take the stage at “The Secret Garden” Thursday night. Performing arts students have been working on the show for months in addition to their regular academic and extracurricular activities.

But these young performers say they’re ready for opening night at the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center. is playing We also have technical staff working behind the scenes.

“This is a student-run performance and we are extremely proud of our students,” said Meredith Raybold, the school’s arts facilitator. Making a difference in our communities is very important to SCAPA.We are a public school and part of Fayette County.”

6th Glader’s Kaitlyn Douglas will play the lead role, Mary Lennox.

“It was very exciting, but the rehearsals were also hard,” she told LEX18.

Her mates Cowen Poteet and Jonathon Owens also play the main characters.

“You have to go to rehearsals, go home and do your homework, then go to bed and have limited sleep time,” said Owens, a fifth grader.

“It’s kind of exhausting,” added Poteet. “It’s hard to keep a British accent all the way through.”

But for young actors at a performing arts school, they say it can all be done in one day, and the effort will pay off when they bring “Secret Garden” into the community.

Douglas said, “I’m really excited to see how the audience reacts to the costumes, sets and character choices in general.

January 26thth 7 pm
January 27th 7 pm
January 28thth 2pm and 7pm

Purchase tickets online or call 859-425-2550.

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