Shop for seeds, sharpen tools to get ready for spring gardening

Gardening guru Marianne Binetti says dahlias are a good choice for first-time flower gardeners.

Gardening guru Marianne Binetti says dahlias are a good choice for first-time flower gardeners.

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The end of January is often the time when the first signs of spring appear. It may be subtle, but it could be that the buds on the trees are swelled and the early-blooming bulbs are being pushed out of the cold soil.

This is the signal to start preparing for the upcoming garden season. It’s time to sharpen your tools, invest in more garden gloves, and most importantly, order some seeds.

Q. Where would you recommend buying Olympia garden seeds? I’m just starting out with gardening in this part of the country. — JT, Email

A. Ed Hume Seeds has been Washington’s premier family-owned seed company for over 40 years. Ed Hume seeds (seed packages have a black background) can be found at local nurseries, major retailers, Fred Meyer, and local feed stores.

Horticultural expert Hume still provides gardening tips and advice for each seed pack, with all varieties selected for cool summer climates. Free Shipping) and follow Ed Hume Seeds on social media.

Q. I would like to start a flower garden.What are the easiest flower species to grow in the Renton area?—KC, Renton

A. Welcome to Gardening Life. Starting a flower garden is more than just planting seeds. Working on a farm is one of the best ways to learn the basics, so try to get some hands-on experience. You can also start slowly by growing flowers from seeds or tubers on a small scale in a raised bed and learn as you grow.

For first-time flower growers, we recommend sweet peas, dahlias, cosmos, verbena bonaliensis, and marigolds. harvest to

Q. When can I start sowing seeds indoors? I plan to grow vegetables and flowers from seeds this year. — DB, Puyallup

A. It’s a very difficult question to answer. The best information about when to plant is printed on the back of the seed package. Cool season crops can be planted directly into the soil or started indoors and moved outdoors in late March, so they can be planted as early as February. Examples include sweet peas, kale, peas and other foliage. There are vegetables.

Warm-season crops such as tomatoes, marigolds, petunias, and coleus need warm nights, so plant them indoors in mid-April and outdoors in mid-to-late May. seeks light and stretches its legs to become weak.

Local weather will determine the best planting date for seeds indoors or outdoors. Seeds are inexpensive, so don’t be afraid to re-sow a second time if your first seed harvest fails to germinate.

Marianne Binetti has a degree in Horticulture from Washington State University and is the author of several books. Contact her at

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