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of 2023 Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival It officially opened in December and is already buzzing with excited tourists and locals alike.

The colorful and gorgeous Thousand Lantern Festival celebrates its 28th anniversary this year, and is eagerly awaited every year.

It has become one of the best options for Shanghai residents to visit and spend time with friends and relatives, always providing a magical evening for all visitors!

visit Yu Garden It has been incredibly popular as a Chinese New Year entertainment over the years and is an important part of many Shanghainese celebrations.

This is your chance to come and experience the magic and understand what makes it such a meaningful event for all who visit.


The theme of this year’s Yuyuan Garden Lantern Festival is based on a famous Chinese mythology classic, the famous Shanhai Sutra.

The aim was to create a spectacular lantern show centered around this famous myth that has inspired much of traditional Chinese culture to this day.


The central plaza offers guests a landscape of the Chinese zodiac.

Here, the jade rabbit, the focal point representing the Year of the Rabbit, rises to the east and takes on a classic Dunhuang shape as it flutters in the wind with a traditional Chinese dance performance.

During this special time, the rare beasts of Shan Hai Jin will visit Yu Yuan to join the celebration. Alongside Gyokuto, he is also a sacred beast from the Sankaikyo myth!

Other attractions around Yu Garden

Sakamagari Bridge

This year’s Sakamagari Bridge will be decorated with a dragon that spreads its wings and soars into the sky. Cross the nine-turn bridge with your family and friends to wish you good luck in the coming year.


Lake Pavilion

If you take a walk around the lake pavilion, you may be able to see white deer running. Its fascinating horns are especially eye-catching.

gangnam silk bamboo band

This year, the five happinesses of rabbit, magpie, dog, turtle and bat formed a dynamic Gangnam silk bamboo band representing the most auspicious animals.


Admire views from both Yu Garden and the Shanghai Museum as you stroll through the delightful old streets of Yu Garden.

Look up and you’ll see a carp from the collection of the Shanghai Museum. I wish you good luck and good luck in the new year.

lantern display and lights

Amazing scenes await you throughout your visit to Yuyuan Garden.

At Golden Square, Yuyuan Old Street, and Ninghui Road, you’ll find a variety of artistic lantern displays jointly created by Disney and the Shanghai Museum.


A special event happens every night at 4pm. Thousands of spectacular lights appear instantly, magically transforming the entire environment into a fantastical wonderland!

This breathtaking moment is one you have to believe in.

Inside the Tianyu Building, a “Little People” mini light show will be held, allowing you to experience the “God’s Perspective”.

Surprise Encounter

Wandering through the Lantern Festival, you’ll also find some incredible surprises!

Jade rabbit fairies, flower fairies, scholars, merchants, and generals have joined us since ancient times.

They stop at various places, interact enthusiastically with people, give traditional gifts, and convey the joy of this special time!


The lantern riddle

Guessing the lantern riddle is one of the most popular traditional folklore activities for Chinese people during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

This year, Yuyuan Garden set up several interactive lantern riddle areas, customized lantern riddles with regional themes to provide the crowd with puzzle-solving fun and challenge.


how to write chinese new year scroll

Yu Garden also offers free Chinese New Year classes on intangible cultural heritage.

Practice your handwriting on Chinese New Year scrolls or join in making incense bags to add to the festive atmosphere.

This is a rare opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else!


original treasure tea

Since the late Qing Dynasty, it has been a unique folklore activity for Shanghai people to go to the Lake Pavilion during Chinese New Year to drink Yuanbao tea to pray for good luck.

Drinking Yuanbo, or ‘ingot tea’, is very important to the people of Shanghai and is worth experiencing for yourself.

It is so named because its shape resembles an ingot, and in China, the symbol of an ingot is beautiful and is said to bring wealth and happiness once a year.

Sitting at the lake with family and friends and drinking Yuanbao tea in the New Year is a great way to wish them good luck and a bright future!

shanghai classic restaurant

Established in 1875, Shanghai Classical Restaurant, formerly known as Rongshun Restaurant, has a history of 148 years and is often considered the ‘ceiling’ of Shanghainese cuisine.

Many Shanghai locals are in the habit of coming to Shanghai Classical Restaurant for New Year’s Eve dinner, which is always packed with fun reunions with family and close friends.


Renowned chef Luo Yulin, head chef of Shanghai Classical Restaurant, is a fifth-generation master who prepares dishes and recipes that accurately reflect China’s intangible cultural heritage.

He was the first to recommend a 12-course intangible cultural heritage course that included sumptuous and traditional dishes such as Eight Treasures Duck with Shrimp and Daikoku Ginseng.

These precious and flavorful dishes are an authentic taste of Chinese New Year and offer a fascinating insight into the best that Chinese cuisine has to offer.



January 22-28, 10am-10pm
February 1-5, 10am-10pm


Adult: RMB50*
Children: RMB30*

*Please note that on February 5th, the price will be 80 yuan for adults and 50 yuan for children.


There are four ticket points available:

Or just scan the QR code.


Note: Admission times, admission conditions, and ticket sales locations may change due to bad weather, venue conditions, or other unavoidable reasons. For more information, please refer to the information published by the organizer.

[All images courtesy of Yuyaun Garden]

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