Tallahassee Urban League, Geneva’s Garden Food Pantry seek donations

Tallahassee, FL — The Garden Food Pantry of Geneva, in partnership with the Tallahassee Urban League, invites the community to volunteer and donate non-perishable food for its annual food drive.

Curtis Taylor, president of the Tallahassee Urban League, said this will benefit the French town community.

“So many people have lost their jobs, so many have suffered a drop in income and some have died because of COVID. Can you put it down? Should I go out and pay the utility bills? Go out and buy food?” Taylor said.

Alan Speed, lead organizer of the Gardens of Geneva, says the event is more than a food drive, it’s a continuation of giving back to the community.

“This event continues the legacy of our community elders. Speed,” said Speed.

Geneva’s Garden, which plans to team up with the Tallahassee Urban League at this upcoming event, says Speed ​​is in dire need of food to keep things working.

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