Temple woman raising $15,000 to help hospital paint murals near healing garden

Alison Dixon has done several fundraising activities over the past seven years to raise funds for McLane Children’s Hospital.

“In my heart, I want to use my time with my energy to come back and make a difference.

The money helped provide things like stuffed animals and mobile games for McClane’s patients.

“It’s not just the McClane Children,” said Lori Luppino, interim president of the Baylor Scott & White Central Texas Foundation. She does a lot with so many organizations in our town. ”

Now she’s raising money for her biggest fundraiser to date.

“They said, ‘Okay Allison, we have a project and it’s a big one,'” Dixon said, adding $15,000 to paint murals on the doors and walls leading to healing in the hospital gardens. “I said give it to me. I like to dream big.”

Staff at the Baylor Scott & White Central Texas Foundation say the redesign is consistent with other murals around the hospital.

“When you walk past that door, it seems to lead to a tropical place,” said Luppino. “There will be trees, flowers, and butterflies. When you enter the healing garden on your right, there’s a long stretch of pure white walls. It’s completely transformed.”

Raising such money may seem impossible to some. But nothing is impossible, according to Alison, who was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy since she was 15 months old and who fought for her life after being hospitalized with COVID-19 a year ago.

“We want them to be encouraged and hopeful,” Dixon said.

She hopes the community will come together to raise money for this cause and let McLane’s patients know they can beat the odds too.

Allison said she’s counting the numbers and getting closer to her goal. She is expected to announce her final totals this week. See below for details.

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