The Darwinian Gardener unfazed by freeze

After a freeze occurs, Darwin’s gardeners take action. OK, “spring” is the wrong word. He will see him for a couple of weeks and then start thinking about starting the next step.

And who is this Darwin gardener guy? He is Florida’s premier lawn and garden care guru. He’s not a yoga coach on the lawn, he whispers encouragement and has hydration and towels ready. He’s a high school gym coach on the lawn, giving everyone extra laps around the field and making fun of the stragglers.

Looking back, 2022 was a year of extremes in his yard. June was his wettest since 1998, and September was his wettest since records began in 1923. The hottest annual average temperature since 1923 placed him third, but it also saw the coldest Christmas Eve since 1989. The coldest Christmas since 1995. A rare two-day freeze!

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