The flourishing garden on Symphony of the Seas has over 20,000 plants, and its my favorite spot onboard

When Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas debuted in 2009, it was the first cruise ship in the world to feature lush outdoor gardens. Named after New York City’s Central Park, this location is one of seven (or eight if you’re sailing the Wonder of the Seas) different neighborhoods on our Oasis class ships and has been around for over a decade. Despite its previous concept, it is still one of the most beloved neighborhoods. Cruise ship space.

Other districts include the Entertainment Place, Royal Promenade, Vitality Spa and Fitness Center, Boardwalk, Youth Zone, Pool and Sports Zone. With the exception of spas, they all tend to have a more energetic vibe, highlighting the peaceful nature of Central Park.

Central Park, an upscale public area located midship on Deck 8, features restaurants, exclusive shopping, and plenty of plants, over 20,700 to be exact (talk about Royal Caribbean offering the WOW factor! ). It has more plants than the Great Pavilion exhibition at the Chelsea Flower Show.

It’s a place that makes you feel like you’re really on a cruise ship.

Laughter and music from the pool deck, though less loud than the top deck, can be heard all day long, though, so you’ll never forget you’re on one of the world’s largest cruise ships. All three waterslides erupt from the edge, and when you look up, guests can see the water flowing past.

This is why Central Park is my favorite area aboard Symphony of the Seas.

floating garden

Metal columns wrapped in vines greet you as soon as you step into Central Park. As you follow the trail, you’ll hear recordings of birds, crickets, and other animals, and pass by a variety of trees including tropical foliage, seasonal flowers, shrubs, Indian laurel young figs, shady lady, and Buddhist pines. , all of which are housed in steel decks.

Signs help clearly identify different species of trees and plants. You’ll also find their scientific botanical names, origins, and other fun facts that might come in handy in one day’s trivia.

While aboard Symphony of the Seas, we learned that Star Jasmine, an evergreen climbing plant native to China, climbs the 40-foot-tall tree track. Purple Shower is often called the ‘Mexican Petunia’ because of its five-petal shape. Flowers.

Another interesting fact is that the dwarf umbrella tree, native to East Asia, can be used as an herbal remedy to relieve arthritis as the extract acts as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

When you reach the center of the park, you’ll find a 5-deck (25-foot) high ivy and fern-covered “green wall” and a beautiful fern-covered trellis (perfect for photography). !).

During the day, you’re almost guaranteed to see one of the three gardeners tending the plants in the garden. On the second day of his seven-day itinerary, around 10:30 a.m., he saw two people tending to a croton shrub outside her Cartier store.

However, the intricate systems of irrigation, fertilization, lighting and drainage required to sustain such a unique adventure are invisible. We even have a landscape specialist on board!

Onboard “Getaway”

If you’re looking for sanctuary while cruising, look no further than Central Park.

With no family-friendly activities like Splashaway Bay on the pool deck or a carousel on the boardwalk, rowdy kids aren’t often seen hanging out here during the day.

Many guests find it the ideal spot to escape the crowds and settle into the plush seats beneath the protruding glass vaulted dome for a good book. Chairs and numerous tables are also available. Guests can also test their strategy skills by playing a game or two of chess.

I even saw passengers playing cards!

The Park Café serves both breakfast and lunch, so you can have coffee or tea at your fingertips.

Since this was my first work cruise, working in Central Park was a great way to balance fulfilling duties and making sure I was still getting the experience of a traditional cruise. It turns out that Nothing was more distracting than the Royal Promenade, Boardwalk and Pool Deck.

Plus, I was always guaranteed a seat. It was usually completely monopolized. I wish I could type with an ocean view, but I didn’t want to spend time looking for a seat every day.

Top notch dining and bar options, especially at night

Central Park is home to a number of specialty restaurants that offer a more intimate dining experience than the main dining room, including Chop Grill, Jamie’s Italian, and 150 Central Park.

Plus, weather permitting, you can dine al fresco. Highly recommended at dinner. Because night is when Central Park’s true beauty is revealed. In the center of the park, the pink and blue hues of the Royal Promenade, which illuminates the neighborhood through a raised glass dome, are lit by streetlights on the sides. Relax and enjoy live classical music with guitar and piano.

At night, imitation candles are placed on the tables to create a more upscale and perhaps romantic setting. The noise from the pool deck is kept to a minimum so you can easily hear the animal calls. One of my to-do lists is going on an adults-only date at one of his specialty restaurants!

Central Park also has one of my favorite free restaurants, the Park Cafe. I love his made-to-order salads and of course the infamous roast beef he sandwiches. I also think there are some better quick service dessert options on board, like this delicious blueberry streusel cake.

Also a great place to have breakfast. Much quieter than other breakfast options like the Windjammer and Main Dining Room, and we sometimes had to wait 20 minutes or more while sailing. I also like that there are fewer choices than other big breakfast venues. Fewer decisions to make before your morning coffee.

Additionally, Central Park has three unique bars: Trellis Bar, Vintages, and Rising Tide Bar. Even if you’re having dinner elsewhere, it’s a great place to grab a pre-dinner drink and soak up the neighborhood nighttime vibes.


Children and teens may find the relaxed atmosphere of Central Park a bit boring compared to the thrills elsewhere on board, but adults will find it a great way to escape and ‘connect’ with nature. Perfect place. Embark on a port day and feel like you’re in your own oasis.

Whether you want to spend a lot of time in the neighborhood or just pass by from the stern, Central Park should be on everyone’s ‘to do’ list while sailing on an Oasis class vessel.

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